Virtual Option for Inclement Weather


The past several years, the Indiana Department of Education has offered the Virtual Option for Inclement Weather. This opportunity allows districts to make up days lost to weather with an online learning option. Beginning in January 2017, Avon Community School Corporation will begin to use this option for some make up days. 

Options are provided for students who are unable to complete their work virtually. Please read below for more details on how the Virtual Option for Inclement Weather will work.

What can I expect on a Virtual Day?
  • Teachers will have all learning activities posted to Schoology no later than two hours after the normal school start time.
  • During the day teachers will have 90 minutes of live online office hours
  • All student questions submitted by 3:30 have a response by 4pm 
  • Virtual classwork fit within the current unit of study
  • Assignments will be roughly equivalent to school "seat-time"
  • Students will have 5 days, beginning upon their return to school, to complete work in the event they are unable to finish during the virtual day due to service outage or other inability to access learning materials. 
Important dates: 
  • January 16, 2017 - No Virtual Learning Weather day will occur before this date.
  • January 16th and February 20th - are built in snow days.  They will be used first as traditional make-up days before implementing a Virtual Day. 


A few things Avon has been doing to prepare for the use of the Virtual Option:

  • Our Learning Management System (Schoology) is in place and will serve as the source of access to learning materials if a weather need calls for our use of the Virtual Option.  Click here to learn more about Schoology
  • Training and resources for all teachers in each grade level.
  • "How to Access Schoology" postcards will be sent home.
  • Parent Instructional Video
  • Virtual Practice Days have been or will be conducted in each school. Ask your child about theirs.  
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