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RB Headlines

  • Congratulations, Mr. Coppadge!  

    Our 2015-16 Teacher of the Year

    Mr. Coppadge TOY

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  • Announcing K-6 Digital Summer Learning Page!

    The balanced calendar addresses summer loss statistics by reducing time away from school relative to traditional calendars.   
    Two months away from school may still have an impact on all learners, especially younger children.  Keeping your child in a
    routine of learning and exploration is just a click away this summer!  

    For this reason, the Digital Summer Learning page is being provided to our  families to promote continuous learning
    throughout the summer months.  A wealth of resources may be accessed through the ACSC website and do not require
    an ACSC student login.  Make summer learning sizzle and boost your child’s learning confidence by engaging in these fun activities!


    Link to Digital Summer Learning Page: http://www.avon-schools.org/Page/7693


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  • School Day Regular Hours
    Kindergarten - 4th Grade 
    8:50 am-3:40 pm

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  • DreamBox Learning:  2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade


    Parents and students at River Birch can access DreamBox Learning by clicking here:



    Parents can set up access to review progress and receive updates by using this information



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  • The River Birch Fourth Grade Ambassador Program
    is featured in the Oriole Advocates Blog.  

    Read more here. 

    Student leaders


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  • all pro dad

    All Pro Dad Information


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  • Bistro News
    • Breakfast will be served daily.  $1.15 daily (reduced breakfast: .30 daily)
    • Lunch will be served daily. $2.10 daily (reduced lunch: .40 daily)
    • There will also be extra food for sale.
    • Deposit and track funds in your student's account at http://www.myschoolbucks.com/.
    • Parents will need their student's ID number to access their account.


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  • AEF Image
       The Avon Education Foundation, with additional support from The Goddard School in Avon, supports a store of free school supplies for Avon’s educators.  Every month, teachers are invited to the ACSC Administration Office to pick up supplies for classroom projects or for students in need. 
       Please join us in stocking our store with school supplies that are currently at their lowest prices of the year.  Your donation of basic supplies like paper, composition notebooks, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and dry erase markers will supplement AEF’s supply of higher priced items like flash drives, staplers, and electric pencil sharpeners.  Supplies may be dropped off at any Avon school and the Avon Administration Office until August 14th
       If you are interested in more information about the SOS program, please contact Linda Dobbs at ljdobbs@avon-schools.org.  Please visit the AEF link on the Avon Schools home page to learn more about the many ways the Avon Education Foundation supports creativity, innovation, and excellence in our schools.

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  • APPC
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  • Student Leadership Convocation - September

    Posted by Heather Gorgas at 9/9/2016

    Friday September 9, 2016

    Student Leadership Convocation for September




    At River Birch our learning leaders are united and committed to providing the education every child needs along with the life and learning experiences they deserve!  Today we held our first student leadership convocation of the year.  It was titled Watch Me Lead, because we believe every child is a leader and can make a positive contribution to our school family. 

    If you’ve been a part of our school family in the past you know we’ve celebrated Success Willpower Attitude and Goals (SWAG) in our students.  While we still recognize those traits in our school, we’ve evolved and no longer make that the central focus of our positive behavior efforts.  Instead, we’ve shared four rules that all learners can share:

    Every day, inside and beyond our classrooms, the students in our school work hard to demonstrate positive actions and choices.  Today we communicated how students can earn leaves for their individual leaf collections, and how we’d celebrate their accomplishments.  We’ll share more with you very soon about our first leaf collection challenge which concludes on September 30th

    At the dinner table or in the car ask your child:

    1. What are the River Birch rules?
    2. How do you earn a leaf for your collection?
    3. How many leaves do you need to earn to participate in the celebration?
    4. What are some ways you show leadership at school?


    Here are some ways our students are demonstrating leadership currently:

    Kindergarten:  Mrs. Prewitt’s class are 4-star leaders in the hallways.  Ask your child what this means!

    1st Grade:  Mrs. Stewart has bilingual language leaders in her classroom who are helping a new student access learning in their classroom.

    2nd Grade:  Mrs. Mirise’s class is leading a recycling effort to collect bottle cap lids.  Once they have enough they’ll take them to a meltdown facility and we’ll create brand new Buddy Bench for our playground.  Every kid deserves someone to play with at recess!

    3rd Grade:  Mrs. Kennard’s class is finding individual passion in order to serve, contribute, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    4th Grade:  Our Ambassadors will lead learning in K-3 classrooms beginning next week! 


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  • Leadership & Learning: 09.07.2016

    Posted by Heather Gorgas at 9/8/2016

    Wednesday September 7, 2016

    1 Hour Delay for Staff Professional Development

    Professional Development Focus:  Joint Productive Activity (JPA)


    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Meade



    How many of you wonder what we’re doing when we have one hour delays?  Be honest, we know it’s not easy to make arrangements in the morning when you need to be at work.  We will thank you each and every month, because the time we spend together is invaluable.  The work we’re able to do throughout the course of the school year sets our tone at the start of each month.  We strive to improve our craft each session, and walk away with plans for implementation in our classrooms immediately.  Thank you for the time, and we very much appreciate you making morning adjustments for our one-hour delay! 


    We continued digging into the 6 Standards of Effective Pedagogy, with a specific focus on Standard #1:  Joint Productive Activity (JPA).  The guiding question to lead our learning during this morning is How can I plan and implement instruction that creates opportunities for students to work together for an authentic purpose?  To create a classroom that is built around collaboration, co-construction, and creating of communal learning experiences, our teachers are thinking deeply about group work and its purpose in our classrooms at River Birch.  

    The information below is shared with our school community as a summary based on the work and research of Dr. Annela Teemant and Dr. Serena Tyra.  


    Joint Productive Activities (JPA)

    The purpose of Joint Productive Activities (JPA) is to encourage teachers to:

    • Design instructional activities requiring student collaboration to accomplish a joint product.

    • Match the demands of the joint productive activity to the time available.

    • Arrange classroom seating to accommodate students’ individual and group needs to communicate and work jointly.

    • Participate with students in joint productive activity.

    • Organize students in a variety of groupings, such as by friendship, mixed academic ability, language, project, or interests, to promote education.

    • Plan with students how to work in groups and move from one activity to another, such as from large group introduction to small group activity, for cleanup, dismissal, and the like.

    • Manage student and teacher access to materials and technology to facilitate joint productive activity.

    • Monitor and support student collaboration in positive ways (Dalton, 1998).

    Many of our River Birch classrooms are built around collaboration, or working together in groups.  Collaborative work in our classrooms is not uncommon, and many teachers have received professional development on how to use cooperative groups in their classrooms (Kagan, 2001).  One highlighted difference with JPA is our teachers create collaborative experiences that are highly academic in purpose and provide students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding, and expertise in small group settings.  Students are asked to work with a variety of other students, engage in academic conversation, negotiate and learn together.  It is a complex task and provides both the teacher and the student with a challenging learning experience. 


    At River Birch we strongly believe learning is a socio-cultural process, and the learning environment should be reflective of the larger world in which we live.  In many of our jobs we are required to collaborate and work in teams.  It is our goal to have a school that meets the needs of all learners through work in small, collaborative groups where children work together for a specific purpose and create products of their learning together. In this current reality students need to be prepared for the opportunity to work with a variety of people on real issues and problems because this is a reflection of real life.  



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  • Leadership & Learning: 08.03.2016

    Posted by Heather Gorgas at 8/3/2016


    Leadership & Learning:  August 3, 2016


    Welcome to our Leadership & Learning blog!  We are happy you've found yourself on our homepage, and we want you to know more about our leadership and learning at River Birch. Each month we'll update our blog with a post about the hard work we accomplish during our one hour delay for professional development.  

    On the first Wednesday of the month we engage in professional learning as a community of learning leaders.  Did you know the one-hour delay for professional development is the only time we are together as a K-4, related arts, and special education staff for longer than 30 minutes?  We value our time together, and want you to know we sincerely appreciate the arrangements you make in order to help us with the time.   

    This morning we dedicated time and energy to communicating our vision and engaging in dialogue about our core values.  We led a conversation and reflection on our core belief that to be a learning leader at River Birch means we are united and committed to providing the education every child needs along with the learning and life experiences they deserve. The learning experiences a child receives in our school are highly intentional and designed with a child in mind.  We adhere to, meet, and often times exceed the minimum grade level requirements outlined by the Indiana Academic Standards.  In addition, we work diligently to make sure school is a place where kids connect, engage, and enjoy the process of learning.   

    Another critical part of our foundation at River Birch is the 6 Standards of Effective Pedagogy.  We’ve trained nearly half our teaching staff in the pedagogy while supporting all others through local learning in sessions like today.  Our teachers are taking risks and modeling for students that life will not always be easy, but trying new things – even if we fail - makes life a little more exciting!  You’ll hear more about our journey with the pedagogy as we isolate and focus on individual standards during our future professional development days.   

    We invite you to partner with us to make River Birch the very best learning institution in Indiana and beyond.  We are so happy to have you as a part of our learning community, and we are determined in our relentless pursuit of helping every child connect and love coming to school!  


    Partners in your child’s education, 

    Mr. Kris Kingery, Principal (Twitter:  @RBPRincipal) 

    Mrs. Heather Gorgas, Assistant Principal (Twitter:  @Educate_HMG)  

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter as we share glimpses of leadership and learning during our school day! 

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District News

  • AHS Students Recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation

    National Merit

    Avon High School Principal Matt Shockley announced that a total of 16 students were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). Six students – Alexandria Adkins, Megan Hammond, Nathan Heim, Geoffrey Henderson, Austin Mock and Zachary Monroe – are among 16,000 Semifinalists in the 62nd annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors will continue in the competition for 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth about $33 million that will be offered next spring.    

    Ten AHS students – Andrew Benner, Leah Bode, Melanie Hamilton, Nhi Khuu, Madison King, Olivia Lazaro, Nathan Matthews, Rushi Patel, Evan Schafer and Daniel Zinyemba – were among 34,000 students who were named as Commended students. They received a Letter of Commendation for their exceptional academic promise from NMSC. Although these students will not continue in the 2017 competition, these students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.6 million students who entered the 2017 competition by taking the 2015 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®).

    “We are extremely proud of our students,” said Mr. Shockley. “There were six students who were named as Semifinalists last year, so this year’s number ties for the most in our school history. Also, the ten Commended students are the most in AHS’s history.”

    NMSC, a not-for-profit organization that operates without government assistance, was established in 1955 specifically to conduct the annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Scholarships are underwritten by NMSC with its own funds and by approximately 420 business organizations and higher education institutions that share NMSC’s goals of honoring the nation’s scholastic champions and encouraging the pursuit of academic excellence. For more information, visit http://www.nationalmerit.org.

    (Photographed L-R Seated: Alexandria Adkins, Megan Hammond, Nathan Heim, Geoffrey Henderson, Austin Mock and Zachary Monroe; L-R Standing: Andrew Benner, Leah Bode, Melanie Hamilton, Nhi Khuu, Madison King, Olivia Lazaro, Nathan Matthews, Rushi Patel and Evan Schafer; Not pictured Daniel Zinyemba)



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  • Governor Pence Appoints Dr. Maryanne McMahon to the State Board of Education

    Governor Mike Pence today appointed Maryanne McMahon to the State Board of Education, effective immediately. McMahon will fill the vacancy created by the departure of Sarah O’Brien. McMahon will serve the remainder of O’Brien’s four-year term, which expires on June 30, 2019.

    “Throughout her career as an educator, Maryanne McMahon has distinguished herself as an innovative leader who works hard advancing the best interests of students, families and teachers,” said Governor Pence. “In her new role with the State Board of Education, I know she will continue her pattern of public service for the good of all Hoosiers.”

    For 17 years, McMahon has worked for the Avon Community School Corporation in Hendricks County in various administrative posts. Most recently, she has served as assistant superintendent – a role in which she secured math and science partnership grants with Purdue University worth more than $500,000, helped lead an efficiency task force that saved the district $350,000 and spearheaded efforts to give greater voice to parents through the Avon Parent Partnership Committee. Previously, McMahon worked for Decatur Township Schools in Marion County as a classroom teacher, assistant principal and consultant for staff development in the areas of curriculum and instruction. McMahon earned undergraduate, education specialist and doctoral degrees from Indiana State University. She also holds a master’s degree from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and an administrative certification from Butler University.




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  • Substitute Teachers Needed at ACSC
    Avon Community School Corporation is accepting applications for Guest Teachers (Substitutes) for the 2016-17 academic year. Applicants must have a minimum of twenty (20) credits from an accredited college/university OR related experience in an educational setting with a high school diploma.

    Highly motivated individuals are encouraged to apply via the Applitrack application system located on the Avon Community School Corporation Human Resources home page:  http://www.avon-schools.org/Page/9708. Salary Benefits: $80 for a whole day and $40 for a half day.  

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  • Andy Mohr

    ACSC Partners with Andy Mohr Automotive Group

    Avon Community School Corporation and Andy Mohr Automotive Group announced its new partnership. The 10-year agreement, approved by the Avon School Board of Trustees, names Andy Mohr Automotive (AMAG) as Avon Community School Corporation’s (ACSC) exclusive automotive partner.

    As ACSC’s partner, the outdoor athletic complex at Avon High School will be renamed as the Andy Mohr Athletic Complex. The high school’s gymnasium, aquatics center and fieldhouse will also be renamed. ACSC’s Teacher of the Year program will now be sponsored by the automotive group. In addition, Andy Mohr Automotive will donate vehicles to be used for future fundraisers and a special employee purchase program will be implemented.

    “Avon is an important community to us.  We have hundreds of employees and thousands of customers in Avon,” stated Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Mohr. “We believe that this long-term partnership with Avon Community School Corporation will enhance the lives not only of the students and faculty at Avon, but the entire community, our customers and our future customers.”

    “We are especially grateful for Mr. Mohr’s support of our students and staff,” said ACSC Superintendent Dr. Margaret Hoernemann. “This partnership will enhance what ACSC is able to accomplish in the classroom, on the field and in extracurricular activities.”

    The 10-year commitment includes the following details:

    • Donation of six (6) vehicles over term of agreement for fund-raising raffles
    • A $5,000 teacher grant each year of the agreement
    • Vehicle discount program for ACSC employees
    • Naming rights to the AHS athletic complex and its facilities

    Proceeds from the vehicle raffle sales are expected to push the total value of the partnership in excess of $1 million.

    Andy Mohr Automotive operates 12 franchise automotive dealerships, one heavy-duty truck center and four collision centers in the central Indiana area.  Andrew Mohr was inducted into the Junior Achievement Central Indiana Business Hall of Fame in 2015 and was the 2014 United Way of Central Indiana Campaign Chair, where he led record-setting campaign funding in Hendricks County. Andy Mohr Automotive has helped local non-profit organizations generate more than $1 million in additional funds via car raffles in recent years.

    Avon Community School Corporation (ACSC) offers children high quality educational instruction with a keen focus on improving student achievement. More than 9,300 students are served in grades Pre-K-12 in 12 schools (seven elementary; two intermediate; two middle and one high school). ACSC operates on a balanced calendar schedule. Visit the ACSC website at www.avon-schools.org.



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  • Microsoft Office is Available at No Cost to Avon Students and Staff
    Avon Community School Corporation is pleased to offer Microsoft Office 2013 Pro for all staff and students at no cost. Staff and students may install the Microsoft Office Suite on up to five personally owned computers or devices.  Licenses of the installed product remain active as long as the licensee is affiliated with Avon Schools and is eligible to maintain an active Office 365 for schools account. Here is the link with instructions to install the program.

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  • Sign Up for Here Comes the Bus to Track Your Child's School Bus

    ACSC families can use Here Comes the Bus – a website and mobile app – to view the real-time location of their child’s school bus. Through this program, parents may also receive push notifications or email alerts regarding bus changes and/or delays.

    Here Comes the Bus is offered as a FREE service to ACSC families.

    A school code is needed to sign up for the program. The code, further instructions and additional links can be found on the ACSC Transportation web page at http://www.avon-schools.org/Page/157.



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