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  • Shepard Christy Shepard Chosen as ACSC Teacher of the Year
    Avon Community School Corporation announced that Christy Shepard was named Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Shepard is a 5th grade high ability teacher at Avon Intermediate School West. The ceremony was held during the opening day activities for more than 450 certified staff members.

    "Mrs. Shepard’s passion and capability for teaching students with exceptional needs is evident in her culturally responsive, rigorous and engaging classroom,” said Dr. Margaret (Maggie) Hoernemann, ACSC Superintendent. “She is a master at cooperative learning, project based design, differentiating instruction and behavior management." 
    Mrs. Shepard was selected as Avon’s Teacher of the Year by a committee comprised of community members. She was presented with a special plaque and award from the Sharon Pinnick Educational Fund, (Hendricks County Community Foundation), a check from the Avon Rotary Club, as well as a gift card from A+ Teaching Supplies and a special bouquet from Flowered Occasions.  
    The other candidates (who were previously selected as their buildings’ Teacher of the Year) included: Diane Stafford (formerly at Avon High School); Ashley Koontz (Avon Middle School North); Katie Littig (Avon Middle School South); Troy Warthan (Avon Intermediate School East); Holly Clark (Cedar Elementary); Jennifer Guerrero (Hickory Elementary); Andrea Brown (Maple Elementary); Andrea Rader (Pine Tree Elementary); Sarah O’Brien (River Birch Elementary); Tracy Wheeler (Sycamore Elementary); and Monica Balash (White Oak Elementary).  

    Mrs. Shepard received a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan. She has taught in Avon Schools for 14 years. Avon Community School Corporation submitted Mrs. Shepard's impressive portfolio to the Indiana Department of Education for the state's selection process of the Indiana Teacher of the Year award.  




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  • Announcement from ACSC Transportation Department

    Avon Community School Corporation’s Transportation Department has recently reviewed bus stops to more consistently serve the needs of students and to improve our on-time arrival at school. This program, called Project:SAFEstops, is explained in the Q and A section below. As a result of this in-depth review, your child’s bus stop location and time may have changed.


    Specific bus stop and time information will be available after July 22, 2014 on the ACSC website in the Transportation section by using E-Link. 


    After reviewing this information if you still have questions, please contact our Transportation Information Center (TIC) at 317-544-6150, where agents are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.




    Avon Community School Corporation

    Transportation Department

    Project: SAFEstops

    Questions and Answers


    Q.           What is SAFEstops?

    A.            SAFEstops is an Avon Community School Corporation initiative which came about after a review of the bus stop locations throughout the school corporation. Stops were found to have been added unnecessarily over the years and not reviewed on a regular basis. Bus seating capacity was not being efficiently utilized. With 33% of the students changing schools each year, a review of the stop locations on a regular basis is essential for the department to accomplish its mission.


    Q.           What is the mission of the Department?

    A.            It is the mission of ACSC Transportation Department to provide safe, efficient and on-time transportation services for eligible students to and from school and school related events with high levels of customer service and employee satisfaction. Recognizing that the school bus driver plays an important role in the future of young people, our drivers are further charged with the responsibility of positively influencing young people’s lives.


    Q.           What are the features of Project: SAFEstops?

    A.            This program features a review of all the bus stop locations throughout the school corporation for all grade levels to ensure the following:

    ·         Each stop location has sufficient motorist’s sight distance

    ·         Each stop location has sufficient distance for the driver to activate the required bus lights.

    ·         An adequate student waiting area is available

    ·         Stop distance parameters are consistent with age and physical capabilities of all students and help promote healthy lifestyles.

    ·         Parents/students of the same age/grade receive the same/similar level of service

    ·         Information is shared with parents regarding any changes and customer service is enhanced through use of our Transportation Information Center (call center).


    Q.           How will this program affect my child’s transportation?

    A.            Since the transportation services offered at ACSC are designed to be mass transit services as opposed to taxi cab services, stop locations will most often be located at intersections where motorist expect a bus to stop. Bus stop locations are reviewed for compliance with legal requirements, and stops may be consolidated in some locations to better meet the time requirements.  In some cases, your child may be further from the bus stop.


    Q.           Who is responsible for my child’s safety while they wait at the bus stop?

    A.            The school corporation is responsible for providing free public education. The legal responsibility for public safety rests with the local unit of government having public safety responsibilities. Parents can do much to enhance this concern by monitoring the bus stop and working cooperatively with other parents to provide an additional level of safety.


    Q.           What are the parent’s responsibilities at the school bus stop?

    A.            The school corporation provides transportation services for all students. This service is provided, by necessity, as a mass transit service. Working cooperatively with parents and students, the responsibility of parents can best be thought of as the three “S’s”—safety, supervision, and shelter. These are the responsibility of the parents. If parents take responsibility for the three S’s, children experience an adequate level of safety and the system works well.


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  • Back to School Information
    We are eager to welcome Avon students back to school on Wednesday, July 30th!
    Here is the link to the 2014 ACSC Opening of School document that contains pertinent back to school details. Here you will find school contact information, school hours, text book fees, back to school night dates and more. For school supply lists (K-6 only), please use the Select-A-School drop down link (top left corner of this page) to select your child’s school to view the specific list.
    Updated information from Avon’s Transportation Department will be available starting July 22nd. Click here to visit the website. Be sure to visit the Food Service Department’s web page for school lunch/breakfast information. There have been changes regarding immunizations for the 2014-15 school year. Click here for details.
    If you are new to Avon Schools, take a moment to view our Welcome Video.
    We look forward to another exciting and excelling school year!

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  • New Dining Options Coming to the AHS Cafeteria
    We are pleased to announce that the old “Vendor-Avon Grill” area in the Avon High School cafeteria is being renovated! You can grab premium food court style items such as French bread pizza, boneless wings, fries, grilled chicken sandwiches and other tasty choices in this enhanced area. There is an additional charge for premium items.

    This yet-to-be-named area will open in late August and you can name this space! A special contest will be held shortly after school begins.

    Avon’s Food Service Department looks forward to serving you.

    Bon appetit!

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  • ARC Collaborates to Make Schools Safer


    Last fall, the Avon Redevelopment Commission adopted Resolution 2013-11-18, approving additional projects to be included regarding public safety related improvements for the town.

    In December of 2013, the Avon School Board submitted a packet of information requesting funds to allow the purchase of cameras and software for the school system, giving the Avon Police Department the ability to access those cameras in an emergency.

    Aaron Tevebaugh, president of the redevelopment commission said it was “easy to see the need” for the school’s request.

    According to Resolution 2014-5-19-2, the redevelopment commission passed two matching grants to the Avon Community School Corporation for the purchase of 60 security cameras to be installed at various school buildings, as well as the needed software.

    “I just love the collaboration taking place,” school board member Anne Engelhardt said. Englehardt also serves as the board’s liaison on the redevelopment commission.

    Engelhardt announced the May 19 decision at the June 9 school board meeting, followed by a discussion about the need for networking and collaborating within leadership in Avon and surrounding towns.

    Avon Town Council president Marcus Turner noted that without Engelhardt joining the redevelopment commission, “the request could have taken much longer.”

    “The schools have been hit hard by the tax caps, even more so than other groups,” Turner said.

    The resolution states that improving educational opportunities, promoting educational progress and fostering conditions that enhance the learning environment of students of all ages provides an economic benefit to all in the Avon Economic Development Area and provides safe learning within the school corporation.

    (Photo: Marcus Turner, Anne Engelhardt and Aaron Tevebaugh) (This story appeared in the Hendricks County Flyer and is reprinted with permission)

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  • Condensed Version of the State of ACSC
    A condensed version of “State of Avon Community School Corporation” is now available. ACSC administrators presented important information at the beginning of the year covering topics such as finance, technology, transportation and academic/student life. This is part of the District’s Strategic Plan to increase communication among all stakeholders. Take a moment to view the document here.

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  •  D.Dietz
    ACSC Instructional Coach Named a Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellow

    Dana Dietz, an instructional coach with Avon Community School Corporation, has been selected as one of the 2014 Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellows in Education Leadership. Governor Mike Pence made the special announcement of this inaugural program with leaders from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and the University of Indianapolis.

    The Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership recruits and prepares outstanding school and district leaders. Its goal is to address the United States’ twin educational achievement gaps—the one between the nation’s lowest performing and its best schools, as well as the one between the nation’s best schools and their top international competitors. The Fellowship seeks both to prepare leaders who can bring American schools up to world-class levels of performance and to develop a new gold standard for preparing education leaders.

    Ms. Dietz will receive $50,000 to cover tuition for the MBA program and other expenses. The Fellowship program will provide specialized preparation in areas such as leadership, finance, human resources, organizational change—all focusing on education. Fellows will also participate in school leadership and business immersion experiences. Visit this link for more information.

    Ms. Dietz has been with Avon Schools for nine years and works at River Birch and White Oak Elementary Schools. 

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  • ACSC Awarded Safety Grant
    Governor Mike Pence announced more than $9 million in grant funding to more than 250 local schools and school corporations across Indiana through the Secured School Safety Grant Program. Avon Community School Corporation was awarded $50,000 to employ an SRO (School Resource Officer) and for equipment to further secure school buildings. The Indiana Secured School Safety Board approved the grants.

    This is the second time Secured School Safety grants have been awarded. The first awards, announced November 1, 2013 (at Cedar Elementary), also totaled more than $9 million. The Secured School Safety Grant program is a dedicated state grant fund that provides matching grants to school corporations, charter schools, or coalitions of school corporations and/or charter schools.

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  • Avon Education Foundation Names Kerry Tuttle as New Executive Director

    Tuttle The Avon Education Foundation has announced that Mrs. Kerry Tuttle has been named as its new Executive Director.

    Mrs. Tuttle will begin her new role on June 2, 2014. She succeeds Mrs. Pam DeWeese who announced her retirement earlier this year. Mrs. Tuttle currently serves as the Public Campaign Coordinator at Indianapolis Zoo. At the Zoo, she led the public campaign for the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center, raising money through grass roots efforts and coordinating marketing initiatives for the Center. Prior to that, Mrs. Tuttle was the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Hendricks County.

    “Avon Education Foundation is excited to have Kerry as our new executive director,” stated Shane Sommers, AEF Board President. “Her experience, proven leadership and commitment to the community will be an asset to the foundation. We look forward to her continuing to develop and grow a great education foundation into the future.”

    Mrs. Tuttle has been involved with Avon Schools serving as a member of the Avon Parent Partnership Committee and as a member of the White Oak PTO Board. She currently serves on the AEF Board of Directors leading public relations initiatives.

    Mrs. Tuttle is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in History and Political Science. She grew up in Hendricks County and has lived in Avon for eight years with her husband and daughter.

    The Avon Education Foundation is a 501©3 charity. Its mission is to encourage, recognize, and support creativity, innovation, and excellence by enhancing educational opportunities within the Avon Community Schools & providing a structured mechanism for support by corporate and private partners. Visit their website at for more information.


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  • Avon Symphony Champs Avon Wind Symphony Wins State Championship

    The Avon Wind Symphony earned a State Championship at the ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) State Finals! It was a stunning performance of extremely demanding music that many universities would not tackle. Congratulations to Directors Jay Webb and Matt Harloff, the dedicated music teachers throughout the corporation, the students and parents. 


    Kudos also to our Symphony Orchestra that made it to State Finals for the first time this year and placed 3rd! This is unprecedented growth and success in such a young program. Bravo to Mr. Westman (who began the program), Mr. Powell (who conducted one of the compositions and teaches the younger students), and Mr. Ziolkowski (who is with us part time starting our students off in strings), students and parents.


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Superintendent's Message

A Message from Superintendent Hoernemann

Dear Avon Families,

On Monday evening (5/12/14) the ACSC Board accepted our recommendation to revise the 2014-15 School Calendar. Included in the new calendar are five delay start days. Additionally, the full day of professional development that is typically held in late August has been moved to Election Day (November 4) which should allow students to work the polls and staff to be able to vote more easily. Since four of our schools will serve as polling sites, it will also allow for security of our students. We will also reevaluate this change next year.

We appreciated the input received from parents, students and staff about possibly tweaking the snow make-up day plan. Ultimately, the
majority believed it was best to leave the calendar as is (with two make up days built in on Dr. King’s Holiday and Presidents’ Day and any additional snow days would be added at the end of the school year). It is important to note that all of our schools hold appropriate observances of these holidays whether or not school is in session. 

For those of you who really plan ahead, the Board also adopted the 2015-16 School Calendar. It mimics the 2014-15 calendar. Given the savings in substitute teacher costs due to improved adult attendance, much improved student attendance and our collaboration with other school districts (Harris Academy-alternative school at Brownsburg; Area 31 Career and Technical Education Program at Ben Davis; and our new ALPHA program with Brownsburg and Plainfield which will replace Sanders School)—we believe it is best to remain on the balanced calendar.

The 2014-15 calendar can be found on the ACSC website ( 

Together, we will continue to strive to ensure that Avon’s children receive an excellent educational experience. 


Margaret E. Hoernemann, Ph.D.



Educate. Excite. Excel.


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