• Day 56

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/19/2012
    Finals schedule:
    Periods 1 & 7: Wednesday
    Periods 2 & 5: Thursday
    Periods 3, 4, & 6: Friday
    Mrs. Handlon or Mrs. Trinkle will give you your final in the OEC. Your final consists of a reading + an essay. The best way to ensure you get the grade you want is to read the prompt/directions and write to the prompt. Use the reading to support your response; this is NOT simply an opinion piece but is rather an synthesis of the author's perspective and your own. It is an interplay, or back and forth discussion, between you and the author.
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  • Day 55

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/17/2012
    Please ask Mrs. Handlon or Mrs. Trinkle for the reading Slow Drivers, Get Our of Our Way and the handout on hyphens. When you are finished with the reading & questions, ask to see they key.
    The reading and reading comprehension questions are meant to help prepare you for the final as the format of this reading/questions mimics the format of the final.
    The hyphens handout meets standard L.12.2a, hyphenate correctly. Why the Common Core Standards saved hyphenation for 12th grade is a mystery to me :)
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  • Important Announcement

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/13/2012
    FRIDAY IS THE DUE DATE FOR ALL PAST DUE WORK. This means all work through Day 53 must be emailed to me by Friday at midnight!
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  • Day 54

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/13/2012
    Revise your essay one last time. Here is a checklist of things to review before you email me your APA -formatted essay.

    1. Revise Cover Page to fit this assignment.

    2. Make sure you have your last name – add to pages 1 & 2.

    3. Make sure every parenthetical citation has a period AFTER the end parenthesis.

    4. All subheadings are capitalized .

    5. Do you have a reference for EVERY work you cited?

    6. Write your Abstract– a summary of your work in just 2 - 3 sentences.

    7. Other:   
    DOUBLE-SPACE! I will not be able to read your paper if it is single-spaced;
    Highlight your Thesis Statement;
    Don't have a subheading called "Freewrite" - change as needed.

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  • Piles of Late Work

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/11/2012 10:00:00 AM
    Please note that because I am being hit hard with PILES OF LATE WORK from students who did not work at a steady pace throughout the semester, I will not be quick with grading and returning work for the remainder of this semester. Remember to save all returned/graded work in case I make a mistake; with having to go back through the gradebook to enter very late grades, I have made mistakes. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
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  • Day 53

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/11/2012
    Today is a make-up / catch-up day; no new assignment is posted.
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  • Day 52

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/10/2012
    1. Go over the Research Essay Rubric
    2. Emergency Apostrophe practice - Do this just because you need the practice!
    3. Conclusion day - Click here for a Handout with tips for writing your conclusion (for both narrative and informational essays)
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  • Day 51

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/6/2012
    Today is Quoting Day; find no more than five strong quotes to add to your research paper and cite appropriately! Refer to your Research Packet for models and be sure to write Quote Sandwiches. Here's a PowerPoint to help you with Quote Sandwiches, if you need further info.

    Email me your draft and I will try to help you out with edits & suggestions.
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  • Days 49-50

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/3/2012
    Today is a Writing Day, with an emphasis on paraphrasing. If paraphrasing is still mysterious to you, watch this Brainpop. Login: avonahs Password: avon.   
    A good way to approach your writing (where to begin), is to create Subheadings in your APA template. You have read a bunch about your topic and should have a decent idea of what your topic is all about. Now brainstorm how to organize your essay and do so by adding subheadings to your APA template. Examples of organize include: chronologically, by point of view or positions, by major events, by cause and effect or problem and solution, by characteristics.
    Organization type: Example topics
    • chronologically: History of Gangs
    • by point of view or positions: Climate Change
    • by major events: Steroids in Baseball
    • by cause and effect or problem and solution: Changes in Technology
    • by characteristics: Black Holes
    After you have determined how to organize your paper, it is time to write. Think of it this way: You aren't writing an entire paper on your subject. Instead, you are going to write a chunk/section at a time.

    Suggestion: In order to ensure that you are paraphrasing & not plagiarizing, you should select the section that can help you write your chunk, read that sectin, put your article away, and then write on your own. Be sure to cite what you learned from the article and then add your own interpretation/analysis. Use the PowerPoint to help you! Be sure to go through this PowerPoint slowly & carefully. Print this document to help you when you write.
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  • Day 48

    Posted by Catherine Trinkle on 12/2/2012

      1.       Plagiarism/Paraphrasing/Quoting Day.
                        “Quotes should be saved for the elegant and profound” (DeSensa, p. 8).
    2.      Complete practice handout & email to me.

    3. Go through - carefully - this PowerPoint about quoting. All of this can apply to paraphrasing, too!!

    4. Click here for the Quote Sandwich handout. Print this for your reference.

    5.       Review/ skim one research article you have already read, highlighted, & annotated.


    6.       Write a summary of that article & email to me, with correct citations!

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