•  About the Middle School  Program

    The middle school curriculum, in addition to core subjects, includes family and consumer science, industrial technology, computers, choir, and band. The basics continue to be stressed while giving the students a wider scope of experiences. The middle school is designed to be a transition from the primarily self-contained classroom atmosphere of the elementary school to the departmentalization of the high school. The middle school uses the "teaming approach" to deliver the core curriculum. This approach allows a more flexible schedule and helps students feel a sense of belonging to a smaller unit in a large school.


    Middle School Features:
    • Advisor/Advisee Program
    • Partners in Education Program (P.E.P) - Parent Volunteer Program
    • Creating Positive Relationships (CPR)
    • Special Education Programs
    • Study Skills Across the Curriculum (students learn "how to study")
    • A Talented and Dedicated Staff
    • Higher Ability Program
    • Technology
    • Excellent Facilities
    • Accelerated Reader Program
    • Respected Music, Athletic Programs & Academic Teams
    • Four-Star School Status in Recent Years
    •  Additional Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Counseling