• Students who enroll in these classes are expected to continue in an honors/accelerated course of study to prepare them for enrollment in AP Physics. Math is a critical portion of this course. Physics Honors aids students in synthesizing the fundamental concepts and principles concerning matter and energy through the laboratory study of mechanics, wave motion, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics. Primary emphasis is placed on mechanics and waves and on their physical principles by developing descriptive analysis and problem solving skills. Students will also have opportunities to: 1) acquire an awareness of the history of physics and its role in the birth of technology; 2) explore the uses of its models, theories, and laws in various careers; and 3) explore physics questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues. While the minimum academic standards covered remain the same for Physics I and Physics I Honors, there will be differences in depth, speed, and methodology. These differences are also reflected in the structure of the class, amount of independent work required, assignments to be completed, and textbooks being used. Accelerated curriculum will be used while investigating possible answers to problems throughout the world. Laboratory and field investigations will be extensive, in-depth, and will be approached in an accelerated fashion. Physics Honors is recommended for students interested in careers in science, math, engineering, technology, medicine, or other related fields.

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