Project EXCEL, Indiana's first dual credit/concurrent enrollment program, offers transcripted college credit for only $25 per credit hour to eligible high school students who enroll in Vincennes University courses offered at their local high school or career center. Project EXCEL courses are available to high school juniors and seniors who meet all applicable course prerequisite requirements established by Vincennes University and/or Project EXCEL.

    College credit earned through Project EXCEL is transcripted college credit and will become part of the student's official academic record at VU.

    English Composition 101


    Knowing how to write is a necessary skill that each student must master in order to prepare for any academic or occupational field.   This course is designed to transfer to other colleges and to prepare the student for the types of writing that will be required in many other courses.

    English Composition I is designed to help students develop their ability to think, to organize, and to express their ideas clearly and objectively.   Course units are arranged by the instructor to facilitate student success and to meet the course goals.

    Our class will utilize Schoology, as an online learning community. Students are expected to check Schoology on a daily basis and should reference our course for materials, due dates, assignments, etc. Students will use their school username and password to log in.