AP Literature and Composition
    This course is based on the content and objectives established by the AP English Literature and Composition description. The list of texts is chosen based upon the suggested selections in the description with the intent of teaching students to think critically and to analyze works of literary importance. Student writing will be based on class reading selections and examined for overall organization, clear emphasis on topic, development of argument, and connection of supporting evidence to the overall argument. The writings are designed to have students write to understand, write to explain, and write to evaluate. Students enrolled in this course will become skilled readers of poetry, drama, and prose from a variety of time periods and styles. Additionally, students will be expected to utilize this skill in close reading to analyze literature and the process of argument.
    Our class will utilize Schoology, as an online learning community. Students are expected to check Schoology on a daily basis and should reference our course for materials, due dates, assignments, etc. Students will use their school username and password to log in.