• In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IHSAA has required an IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent & Release for 2020-21 year. In order to participate in  Practices and  Contests at Avon Middle School North during  the  2020-21  school  year on  a  school-sponsored  team, a student who  had  a  prior  pre-participation  physical  examination completed and  such  examination  was completed more than 90 days prior to the first day of official Practice for the student’s sport, may, in lieu of having a 2020-21 Pre-Participation Physical Examination form completed, provide this Health History Update Questionnaire, completed and signed by the student’s  parent or  guardian, or  by  the  emancipated  student. Provided, should  any  question on  this Questionnaire be  answered in the affirmative (‘Yes’), then  the student  must have  a  2020-21  Pre-Participation  Physical Examination form completed. This form will be completed in Privit. All student-athletes must fill out this form prior to participating in any school workout. All clearance status’ have been reset in Privit.

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  • All home matches and most practices will be held at Oak Tree Golf Course.
    Oak Tree Golf Course 
    ​4712 E US HWY 40
    Plainfield, IN 46168
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  • Girls Golf 2020

    Team & Athletic Fees
    Upon making the team, the following must be turned in before the first match on August 26th. Checks may be made out to Avon Middle School North.
    • $25.00 Athletic Fee
    • $50.00 Program Support Fee
    • $50.00 Practice Pack Fee



    Practices will be held at Oak Tree Mondays-Thursdays and at North on Fridays (weather permitting). We will meet right after school, load the bus and be on our way. We'll plan to be back at North with students ready to be picked up by 5pm on days that we practice at Oak Tree. On Friday's students should be picked up by 4:30pm. 

    Athlete Expectations: Work Hard and Be Coachable

    Grades: Athletes must maintain passing grades in all subject areas at all times. We will be doing grade checks every 4.5 weeks to monitor this. Failure to keep passing grades will result in a probationary suspension for 3 weeks from all contests or a possible removal from the team if the coach sees fit. If on probation, the athlete will have 3 weeks to get his or her grades to passing. If the athlete does not, a removal from the team by the athletic department will occur.

    Behavior: Athletes shall be leaders in the school. Behavior in the classroom, on the bus and on the course will show great sportsmanship. Disciplinary issues that arise at school can affect participation in athletics. The coach will handle disciplinary actions on the team.

    Attendance: Students must be at school for at least half the day to participate in events after school. We set the time as arriving to school by 11am. If an athlete goes home from school ill, he or she may not return after school. Athletes that do not participate in PE during the day can be held out of events after school. This does not apply to students not taking PE.

    Parent Expectations:

    Be Positive and Use the 24 HR Rule (Give Yourself and the Coach 24hrs for questions after matches)

    At no time should a parent be on the course with players for practices or matches. This includes before and after matches.

    Match Expectations: Support your player, our team and our coaching staff in a positive manner. Officials are doing the best job that they can and may not see everything, and frustration with that can lead to setting a bad example for our kids. We expect our athletes to learn how to deal with adversity the right way, through hard work and letting actions speak. Parents and families should obeserve golf course etiquette at all times during matches - this includes keeping cheers at a low volume and being quiet while any player is hitting. 

    Pick-Up Expectations: Our coaching staff all have family to get home to after practices and games. Please be respectful by making certain your athlete has a ride no later than 15mins after a practice, game or bus return trip. If that is an issue, please arrange with other parents on the team to have your athlete taken home.

    About the Coach

    My name is Dania Albin and this will be my first year as the AMSN girls golf coach. I grew up in Avon and graduated from AHS in 2016, and then graduated from Purdue University in 2019. I played golf at North and went on to play varsity golf at AHS. I've been around golf for most of my life, and I'm very much looking forward to passing on what I've learned to those new to the sport. 

    At this level, my main focus is for players to gain experience with both the physical and mental aspects of the game. Teaching basic physical techniques and skills are important, but learning confidence, composure, and concentration will positively impact players in infinitely more ways than just within the realm of golf. I don't expect players to be LPGA ready, but I do expect good attitudes and a desire to learn. I'll be keeping track of statistics so that we can target areas that need improvement and also measure our progress. 

    I look forward to meeting all of you soon!