• Welcome to Business Law and Ethics!
    Purpose: This is a business course that provides an overview of the legal system.Topics covered include: Basics of the Law, Contract Law, Employment Law,Personal Law, and Property Law. Both criminal and civil trial procedures arepresented. Instructional strategies should include mock trials, case studies,professional mentoring, job shadowing, field trips, guest speakers, andInternet projects.
    Main Standards: 
    • Students evaluateethics and laws of the US and Indiana so as to make ethical and legal decision
    • Students examinethe basic structure of the federal, state, and local court systems to understandthe legal   process
    •  Students assessprocedural and substantive laws to determine the proper course of action
    • Studentsdemonstrate knowledge of the concepts and principles fundamental to contractlaw and in order to enter legal agreements
    • Student evaluatethe concepts and principles fundamental to sales agreements to be betterconsumers




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