• Young Hoosier Book Club
    Our goal for the year is to have all of the 2013-2014 YH books by the end of the year. Currently, we are reading the book called GOOD CURSES EVIL that is in the villian school series.  When we finish a book, we have to write a summary, make a play or do a reading triangle.
    Recently we have been studing how to balance our diet on the MyPlate/ food pyramid. The MyPlate is a picture of a plate with 4 differnt sections to balance your food and stay healthy.The four types of MyPlate are protein, dairy, vegetables, and fruits. For the past few months people from the YMCA have been teaching them new excersises.
    Gardening Club 
    We grow all types of plants.Right now we are tring to grow plants only with a container with a lid and a coffe filter.We are trying to grow a sunflower, dried corn kernel, lima bean, a bush bean and a dried pea. Every day they soak the coffe filter with bleach water to make sure the seed does not get moldy. The gardening club teaches other kids about compost and other stuff.
    Recycling Club
    We are rehersing for a public service annoucment so we can show what to put in the recycle bin and what not to, like tissues. To also solve the prblem we laminatied papers and writing what to put in the bin and what not. We go around the school collecting paper in the recycling bins. recyling club is helping our school stay green