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    Inspiring Leadership in Education through Application and Dialogue

    Fall 2013

    What's New in iLEAD? 

     As Indiana schools face greater competition for students due to school choice and voucher opportunities, it has become more important to include marketing skills in our iLEAD EDUC 615 (Building Success Through Community Partnerships and Collaboration) learning activities. Changing demographics in our communities necessitate marketing activities to engage and connect with our community partners (Lockhart, 2010) and to plan ways to access resources. There is also an important need to effectively communicate with news media and utilize social networking tools effectively. 

    This fall, Cohort XIV students have been engaged in interactive exercises to create a better understanding of marketing within an organization.

    ·         Completing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)analysis  of their school and developing a positioning statement; connecting the positioning statement regarding how the school wants its audiences to perceive it with its vision/mission

    ·         Assessing current school communication activities, including the website, non-technology-based promotional activities, and social networking.

    ·         Preparing a detailed marketing plan, including SMART goals, strategies, and evaluation, for a school reform models project. 

    Learning about the strategic nature of marketing activities and the notion that marketing is different from sales has been eye-opening for everyone involved.  Analyzing what is important to our consumers (the school community) has been significant also.  During summer session, Mo Merhoff, Carmel Chamber of Commerce CEO, led a discussion on the topic "What Businesses Don't Understand About Schools...And What You Can Do About It."

    Welcome Cohort XVI

    Sixteen educational leadership students began their coursework at the University of Indianapolis in September.  Cohort XVI includes educators from these schools:

    ·         Beech Grove HS                                       Manual HS

    ·         Ben Davis HS                                           Monument Lighthouse Charter School

    ·         Brownsburg HS                                         Shortridge Law & Public Policy Magnet HS

    ·         Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet HS           Southport HS

    ·         Fishers JHS                                              Vaile ES (Richmond, IN)

    ·         Indiana Connections Academy                    Western IS (Russiaville, IN)

    ·         Lynhurst 7th/8th Grade Center

    My School PictureUIndy's educational leadership scholarship program, funded by the Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL), annually awards 12-16 new iLEAD scholars with $1,500 - $3,000 to apply toward program costs. One of the requirements of recipients is to create two white papers (research briefs) during the program that are worthy of publication and which pertain to an education topic. 

     Catherine Trinkle, a member of Cohort 13 and an English teacher in Avon Community Schools, submitted a novel white paper on podcasting for teachers. Please read Catherine's paper by clicking on the following link:





    I am Cory Daniel Graham, Assistant Principal for Tindley Collegiate Academy and I am extremely excited about the groundbreaking work taking place on the east side of Indianapolis.  Tindley Collegiate Academy is an all-female accelerated middle school, grades 6-8, which opened this fall.  I was born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis and attended Warren Central High School.  For my undergraduate studies, I graduated from Indiana State University with a B.S. in Elementary and Special Education.   Indiana University Bloomington's Cultural Immersions Project allowed me the privilege to perform my student teaching in Kenya, East Africa.  Also, I received my M.A. in Education Leadership from the University of Indianapolis. 

    Prior to becoming a school administrator, I was a self-contained special education teacher in the M.S.D. of Warren Township.  Through federal grant dollars, Warren Township created a program entitled the Intensive Mental Health Program which served as the least restrictive environment prior to homebound or residential setting learning.  I was blessed to be the first teacher for this program as a first year teacher.

    I am grateful and humbled by the various opportunities I have been afforded since graduating from iLEAD Cohort XI.  I have been a Dean at a state turnaround school (Arlington High School) and one of the founding administrators of Tindley Collegiate Academy, an EdPower School.  ILEAD's reputation for producing excellent leaders and truly preparing me for education leadership is something for which I am forever grateful!




    Using Technologies to Improve Practice:Video Analysis

        School principals are expected to function foremost as instructional leaders.  Thomas Hoerr (ASCD, 2008) states that "[The principal] needs to be the educational visionary, offering direction and expertise to ensure that students learn." We know that principals have a myriad of duties but, as Hoerr reminds us, the principal has the ultimate responsibility to ensure growth in student achievement. In addition, we now must confront a new A-F school grading system that incorporates an emphasis on teacher growth and development. The question becomes, '"how can the principal promote teacher quality and ensure the use of best practice to promote student learning?''

    More: http://jsomers.edublogs.org/?p=3

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