PTO Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to nurture all components of the learning environment at River Birch Elementary and to complement the curriculum with additional opportunities for families, teachers, and students to learn, socialize, communicate, and grow.

    Our Students

    It is our goal to provide opportunities to our students that promote and support learning in all areas of development: social, emotional, and academic. 

    Our Faculty

    We strive to communicate with all school leaders in a professional and respectful manner.  Our hope is to support any endeavor by or for faculty members that furthers the success of the River Birch learning community. 

    Our Families

    The family is the first learning environment for students.  As a PTO we will invite families to participate in activities that support the River Birch community and its learning.  As all families are different, it is our responsibility to respect the diversity of our school, and for our activities to be accessible by all.

    Our Approach

    To achieve our mission, we must work towards social, emotional, and academic development in our students, faculty, and families both as individual groups and collectively as a strong unit. 

    From many, we are one…River Birch.