• NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Information

    The eligibility of Avon student-athletes for competition in collegiate athletics is a joint effort of the student-athletes/parents, coaches, Athletic Department, and Guidance Department. In order to be eligible to play Division I or II college sports, students must meet certain academic standards in core course completion, GPA in core classes, and SAT/ACT scores. Students need to find the best academic and athletic fit! Prospective student-athletes should contact his/her coach first and research the links below will assist with the process:

    Mrs. Yoder met with student-athletes during SRT to discuss NCAA eligibility, provide resources, and connect students with a program (CoreCourseGPA) to track academic eligibility for Divisions I and II/recruiting resources. Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation with valuable information for those who couldn’t attend.

    We were fortunate to have a representative from the NCAA Headquarters speak to our students on January 25, 2016. The presentation can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Viwpj0MIeQ8 (NCAA Part 1) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3saqRgiuy84 (NCAA Part 2).


    NCAA Eligibility Center: there is a Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete and an Initial Eligibility Flow Chart which are helpful when sorting through the standards and process for NCAA eligibility.

    o   NCAA Eligibility Requirements for Division I ,  Division II-current & Division II-changes (***Division II changes effective for the class of 2018***)

    o   Avon High School has a list of NCAA-approved core courses that can be found on the Eligibility Center website here. Avon’s High School Code is 151647.

    § Avon’s online PLATO classes do not count towards the core course GPA!

    § Indiana Online Academy (IOA) classes do count towards the core course GPA

    Student-athletes can use CoreCourseGPA.com to assist in the NCAA Initial Eligibility core course GPA calculation and recruiting resources. Here is a tutorial guiding students through the CoreCourseGPA.com process. Account creation information can be obtained through the Guidance Office, Athletic Office, or head coaches. 

    ·         View Power Point to gain more information on NCAA/NAIA/Junior College eligibility information, roles of the Student/Coach/Athletic Department/Guidance Office, and helpful resources to navigate the prospective collegiate student-athlete process.

    ·         SAT/ACT: send scores to the NCAA directly from the testing center (use the code 9999) when registering online. *NOTE- a student will have to pay for scores to be sent to the NCAA if not included in the initial SAT/ACT registration. 2017-2018 SAT/ACT Dates


    Class of 2017: The NCAA understands that some prospective student-athletes in the classes of 2016 and beyond will take the current SAT before March 2016 and then take the redesigned SAT later. The NCAA encourages prospective student-athletes to send all scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Because the redesigned SAT varies in design and measures different academic constructs than the current SAT, a numerical score on one test may not be equivalent to the same numerical score on the other. The NCAA Eligibility Center will not combine (“superscore”) section scores across the current and redesigned SAT when determining initial-eligibility. The NCAA Eligibility Center will combine section scores only within the same versions of the test to provide the best result for the student. The NCAA will continue to work closely with the College Board for appropriate guidance. Please reference the College Board website for more information: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/

    ·         Parent and Students can go to NFHSLearn.com, set up an account, and take a free course on NCAA Eligibility

    ·         Helpful Resources:

    o   NCAA Eligibility Center- eligibilitycenter.org

    o   Initial Eligibility Brochure

    o   2.3 Or Take A Knee: www.2point3.org

    o   Twitter: follow the NCAA @NCAA_EC and NAIA @NAIA_News  

    o   NCAA Public Hotline: 877-262-1492

    o   The Division Decision

    o   NAIA: www.naia.org & www.collegesportsinfo.org (for the NAIA Eligibility Center Checklist, PowerPoint, & brief video series)


    o   Visit freerecruitingwebinar.org for more information about recruiting

    o   NCAA Recruiting Facts


    Questions regarding Athletics- contact your child’s Head Coach

                                   Academics- contact Jill Yoder (JMYoder@avon-schools.org