• Schoology  
    What is Schoology?
    Schoology is an online learning management system that allows teachers to create and share course material with students and parents. Teachers can share content, assign homework (collaborate on homework), give quizzes/tests, etc. 
    How can I log into my child's Schoology account?
    Grades K-4 can access Schoology by going to www.avon.schoology.com and logging in with their child's network username and password. This information can be found on the postcard that was sent by the school. You may also contact the office to obtain this information.
    Grades 5-12 parents who wish to access Schoology need an access code for their parent account (handed out at the beginning of the school year) to create an account through www.schoology.com. Grades 5-12 students will use their regular network username and passcode to login and access learning materials.