• Simon Davies, Mentor

    By: Samantha Engelhardt

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with Simon Davies, one of the Avon Robotics Team mentors, for a brief interview. Mr. Davies found out about the robotics team at our yearly February open house. He has been a mentor for the last two years. When asked his favorite part about mentoring for the Roborioles he states he loves the “students and the ideas that they bring to the project, including their excitement”. In addition to helping the Roborioles specifically, Mr. Davies has other ties to FIRST Robotics. Last competition season, he was a judge at one event and a referee at two other events. It was no wonder our team did so great last year! He proclaims that he “enjoyed being a referee as it was a lot easier than judging. It was a lot more fun because I was able to see all the different robots that teams had created actually playing the game..”

    Luckily, Mr. Davies isn’t all work and seriousness; he likes to have fun too! During last year’s build season, Mr. Davies would stand directly under the goal while the drivers practiced shooting at the goal (or more often, his face). He enjoyed making everyone laugh and seeing some of the reactions from many of the kids. Simon said that being a mentor isn’t all fun and games; there are some challenges too. Luckily, Mr. Davies has a job in the STEM field which he says helps him greatly while mentoring. He is very pleased with teaching methods and results of it. He says it is important to speak the “same language as the student” because communication is essential. If a student has an idea, it is hard for Mr. Davies to let that fail and dissolve. He would always ask himself if and where a student’s idea could fit into the robot. “Everyone has something to teach you,” claims Davies, “…the best thing is that there is lots of leadership on the team and everyone is helping each other out.”

    This interview allowed me to learn a lot about Simon Davies then I never knew. When you are working in a team, it is important to know your team mates and I feel like I have successfully accomplished that. I will never hesitate to ask him for help or talk with him. I hope that Simon had fun being interviewed because I had fun interviewing him.

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    ALUMNI PROFILE:  Mark Rodgers

    By Kenny Patterson & Humza Syed

                    We sat down for a brief interview with one of the founding members of the Roborioles, Mark Rodgers.  We asked him about his experience with the Avon Robotics team and how that how influenced and benefited his career choice and future.

                    Mark graduated from Avon High School in 2012, the first year of the Roborioles. Due to this, Mark was only able to participate in the club for one year; however, Mark was the only senior on the team at the time and the captain of the electronics team. Mark went on to attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and graduated with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Robotics. After his years of studying at Rose, he is now a machine design engineer at Jennerjahn Machines, which is based in Matthews, Indiana. As a machine design engineer, Mark assist in designing and building custom machines that deal “roll rewinding”, such as in cash registers. Mark also works with vinyl decals which requires a robotic packaging line, Mark’s primary focus. Other than his career, Mark mentors another Robotics team out of Muncie, Indiana; Team 720 – The Fixed Gears.

                    Mark says that what he learned while being a part of the Robotics Team has been extremely helpful in his field of work. He regularly implements STEM knowledge and application into his work, such as calculus for failure analysis, gear ratios, solid modeling computer software, and much more.

                    The robotics team was a huge source of guidance for career choice and future planning, Mark says. He claims he “had no idea” what he wanted to do after graduating high school. His involvement with the Roborioles and Project Lead the Way classes helped open his eyes to a new side of engineering as well as aided him in finalizing his plans for the future.

     Although Mark was the captain of the electronics team, he helped out in all areas of the team. From replacing burned out jaguars to helping design t-shirts, Mark became very involved with the Roborioles. His involvement with the team gave Mark an environment to develop and practice certain skills that he has found invaluable in the collegiate and professional world. Mark said that one of the most impressionable and important skills he observed during his time with the robotics team was the impeccable and gracious professionalism that FIRST Robotics is known for. Although he was only able to go to one competition with the team, he noticed just how friendly and professional everyone was. Teams who compete against each other on the field were readily willing to lend tools, parts, or simply extend a helping hand.

    To end, we asked Mark if he had any advice for the class of 2017 as they prepare for graduation and their future. Mark stated “Go to Rose! But in all seriousness, it’s crucial that you visit all the colleges that you apply to, really get a feel for what you want in a university. Also, apply for any scholarships you can, even the little ones. They may not seem like much, but it adds up very quickly.” Without a doubt, his involvement with the Roborioles has benefitted Mark immensely, and we would like to thank him for sitting down with us for the interview!


    Mark at work!

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