• Q. At AHS, will Virtual Learning follow the A,B,C schedule? 
    A. Yes
    Q. Will it be detrimental to the next day's learning if virtual day is not attended and work has to be completed in the 5 day window? 
    A. If the work is made up during the 5 day window the effect is similar to the effect of a student sick day.
    Q. How does it work for teachers to prepare content?
    A. Content preparation is done in Schoology.  It is similar to creation of a sub plan for the day only now it's online.
    Q. Will all teachers be on for "office hours" at the same time?  
    A. Teachers office hours will be staggered during the day.
    Q. Will there be advanced use of virtual learning like video conferencing?
    A. We are starting at a basic level.  Teachers who have prepared their students to learn using more advanced technology tools may elect to use these tools.  
    Q. Is someone monitoring participation? 
    A. Yes.  Teachers monitor participation in virtual leaning just as they do participation in class.
    Q. If a student does not login are they considered absent?
    A. There may be circumstances preventing login during a weather closure. Students are allowed 5 days after we return to school to complete the virtual day's work.
    Q. Can the website handle the load of that many students logging in?
    A. Yes. Schoology servers are scaled to handle the load of their many school customer logins. 
    Q: Is the virtual day applicable to the K-4th grade or is this only for 5th - 12th grade?
    A: The virtual day is applicable to all grade levels.  Students in all grade levels have practiced the use of Schoology.
    Q: Will my child be able to print out work and turn it in, do they have to submit work online? 
    A: All virtual learning activities will be posted no later than two hours after the regular school start time on the virtual day.  Work can be submitted in a variety of ways as requested by the teacher in Schoology.