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    Good mental health is not just a trend – it is an ongoing and integral component in our lives. Avon Schools is working hard to build a stronger mental wellness network to ensure we are providing students with a positive environment where they can express themselves and feel supported. 

    Last year our school corporation was one of three school districts chosen to participate in the Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience Education) grant. Thanks to this $1.9 million grant, we are building a team and collaborating with local mental health agencies to establish a community approach to supporting the whole child. The school corporation now has a Mental Health Coordinator who leads the efforts for services, advocacy and partnerships. We have created the Avon Mental Wellness Team that consists of four licensed social workers who circulate among the school buildings.

    Through the Referendum and the Lilly Comprehensive Counseling Initiative, our school counseling team has increased to better serve students.

    The emotional well-being of a child is equally important as his/her physical health. With the collaboration of these two teams in place, sound mental health will become an ingrained and seamless stream in a child’s school environment.    

    If you feel you need help, here is the link to a chart.  

    As always, I welcome your feedback. Feel free to email me at mehoernemann@avon-schools.org

    Margaret Hoernemann

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