• What do volunteers do? 


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    We are extremely grateful for all of our volunteers. It takes the teamwork of several people in order for our pantry to be open each week. If you are interestered in volunteering, you may be curious about what our volunteers do each week.

    • 4:30-5:00: Before the pantry opens, all of our volunteers work together to ensure the pantry is ready for our families to come in. This ranges from unloading milk and eggs from a delivery to putting away boxes of food that were delivered that day. Our job during this time is to ensure that everything is out of the way for our families and shelved. 
    • 5:00-6:00: During the time the pantry is open, all of our volunteers are stationed throughout the pantry to assist our families. The pantry is set up like a grocery store, offering families a "shopping like" experience. Families are able to select food items that fit the needs of their family. Due to this set up and limits on certain food items, volunteers are placed in specific areas of the pantry to help.
      • Freezer: This volunteer stands in front of a cart that is placed near the freezer in the pantry. Here the volunteers ask families what type of meat option they would like to take. 
      • Refrigerator: This volunteers stands near the refrigerator in the back of the pantry. The items we have avilable in our refrigerator vary from week to week depending on the donations we get. Often we have milk, eggs, cheese, and an assortment of fruit or vegetables. This volunteer assists families based upon the various limits of each item.
      • Greeter: This volunteer stands near our sign in table out in the hallway assisting families with our electronic sign in process. A laptop is now utilized for families to sign in. Families have two different options of pages to sign in. One page is for families that have come to the pantry before and utilized our electronic sign in. The other page is for our new families. The sign in page for our new families is more in depth giving us specific information about each family. 
      • Toiletries: This volunteer stands near all of our toiletries on the back wall of the pantry. These items also vary from week to week depending on donations. Most of the time families have the option to select toilet paper, deoderant, body wash, tooth brush, and other travel sized items. Most of these items have a specific limit depending on the number we have. This volunteer will help ensure that families are taking the proper amount.
      • Other Various Stations: Throughout the pantry there are various shelves with specific limits on items. Depending on the stock of items we have and the quantity we will have, volunteers assist families in these specific areas to ensure families are getting the proper amount.