• Welcome to the Mary Lee Maier


    Community Pantry

    In order for us to serve all of our customers and meet everyone’s needs, please follow these guidelines.

    1. Each family may fill 2 reusable bags (please use the bags provided) each week. If there are more than 5 in the household, you may fill 3 bags.
    2. Please limit 1 item per household of the high demand items which includes peanut butter, jelly, cereal, ketchup, personal items, milk, eggs and other items as noted
    3. Other items, please take what your family can use for the week.
    4. Bread, fresh vegetables and other perishable items may be available; for these items which will not last from week to week, feel free to take as much as you can use in the paper bags provided.
    5. We are open each week that school is in session to serve your needs.