White Oak PTO Teacher Grant Guidelines

  • Eligible Applicants:

    All certified/full time classroom teachers at White Oak may apply for classroom grants.  This includes “Specials” teachers (Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education).

    If you are not a full-time classroom teacher, please contact the PTO President, Jessica Babbitt at Pto.whiteoak@gmail.com to discuss how you may apply for a grant.


    Grant programs will have a positive effect on students, support innovative and creative teaching strategies, and contribute directly to improve student achievement.  Items purchased with PTO grant money will become the property of White Oak Elementary. 

    The following requests will not be considered: multiple year funding, teacher stipends, teacher travel expenses, substitute teacher pay, or funding of a pre-existing project.


    Teachers: Up to $200 per individual per school year.  Ancillary services and Therapists: Up to $100 per individual per school year. Funds may be used for a single grant or multiple grants.  Grade Level/Group: Funds may be used up to the current available grant balance for each classroom in that grade/group.  (For example: 6 full grants = $1200, 5 full grants = $1000, etc.)  Teachers that share their time with other ACSC schools will be eligible for $100 per individual school year. 

    Application Process:

    Grant application forms, which can be found below as "2019-2020 Teacher Grant Request Form", can be filled out electronically and emailed to pto.whiteoak@gmail.com for consideration.  

    All applications must be submitted by February 28th.  After that date, an extension may be offered depending on favorable cash flows.


    Approval will be based on whether the grant request meets criteria. Applicant(s) will be notified by the PTO President, how to proceed accordingly.  Grants will be distributed, as funding is available up to the deadline stated above.  Grants will be prioritized on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  If you have any questions regarding the PTO grant process, please contact the PTO President, Jessica Babbitt: Pto.whiteoak@gmail.com. The PTO President handles all grant requests.