• The AIRWays benchmark assessments are designed to be administered within a class period to allow teachers to gauge student progress in any of these domains. Further, because most of the benchmark assessments have at least two forms, teachers can use one at the beginning of a unit and another at the end of another unit to estimate student progress throughout the school year (e.g. as a pre-test and as a post-test.)

    AIRWays provides teachers with real-time access to student-level data for the interim and benchmark assessments throughout the year. Students and teachers will receive scores from the interim and benchmark assessments in real-time as students submit their tests making it possible for teachers to use this data to adjust their instruction throughout the school year. Teachers can use the reports in AIRWays to closely track whether students are progressing in their understanding of key concepts throughout the year.

    In summary, the AIRWays system will allow Indiana teachers to:

    • access student-level data from the interim and benchmark assessments in a variety of easy-to-read formats;
    • determine a baseline of their class’s strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the year;
    • analyze student performance following each administration;
    • access real-time reporting data throughout the year as soon as a student submits their test;
    • track their class’s and students’ progress throughout the year;
    • determine whether students understand the concepts that are being taught right after receiving the relevant instruction by looking at actual student responses;
    • identify the areas of the test that students may be struggling with during the year and which require additional instruction;
    • provide additional instruction and administer the benchmark assessment again to see if particular students or groups have improved their understanding;
    • create custom groups or rosters to track the performance of learning groups and confirm whether the composition of learning groups needs to be redefined; and
    • view multiple benchmark assessment scores to identify student growth during the year.