2019-20 New Student Enrollment


    Welcome to Avon Schools! 


    Please follow the steps below to enroll your student. 

    Enrollment is not finaluntil the completed forms and additional residency and custody paperwork (if applicable) are presented in person to the school office. Only a parent or legal guardian may enroll a student. A legal guardian must present proper documentation (custody given by court or accredited agency).

    1. Please refer to the School Boundaries page to confirm which building your student will attend. Avon Schools are configured by K-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12 grades. If you need assistance, please contact Barb Marcotte or Brianna Moss from the Administration Center at 317-544-6000. 

    2. Complete the online portion of registration. Registration should take approximately 20 minutes, and can be completed anywhere with internet access. Resources are available at your student’s school to complete the online registration. Please have the following information prepared prior to beginning:  

      • New address (check map for building assignment) 
      • Physician’s name, address and phone number 
      • Dentist’s name, address and phone number 
      • Previous school’s name, address, phone number and contact name 
      • Emergency contact information – who to call if parents unavailable  


    When you are ready to proceed with online registration, click 2019-2020 New Student Enrollment to begin.

    3. Grades K-8: please take the following documents to your student’s new school to complete the enrollment process. Grades 9-12parents and guardians will be contacted by the guidance office for an enrollment appointment once online registration has been submitted. The items below should be brought to that appointment: 

      • Student’s birth certificate 
      • Student’s immunization records 
      • Parent identification 
      • Two proofs of residency (for more information, see Residency Proof Information) 
      • Custodial/Legal documents if applicable

    4. Complete and return any additional enrollment forms found here: 2019-2020 Enrollment Forms.  Enrollment forms may be downloaded or picked up at your student's home school office. 


    Additional Information

    If a student receives special education services, 504 services, or EL services, parents are asked to inform the person assisting with the enrollment process of the need for these services.  Additionally, documentation from the student’s previous school must be provided. 

    Information that will help secondary counselors make informed placement decisions includes: transcript from previous school, report cards, and ISTEP+ or ECA testing results and special education documentation, if applicable. 

    High School parents and guardians: Please contact your student's previous school to obtain a copy of his/her transcript. Enrollment appointments will be available starting July 16th and a transcript will be needed to place your student in the proper courses for the 2019-20 school year.