Design by Brianna Bodie, class of 2021
  • Pandemic Learning

    by Length: 26 minutes

    Guest Speaker:  Dustin McKinney, Assistant Principal

    An explanation of our different opportunities for learning this fall, including elearning, in-person, and the Hybrid Schedule. 

    Also includes where to find important information.

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  • End of Year Zoom Podcast

    by Length: 35 Minutes

    Guest Speaker Anne Katz, College & Career Readiness Counselor

    End of year grading and news

    Summer class registraion & upcoming schedule

    Grade contacts & outgoing communications

    Thank you to all first responders and essential workers


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  • Embracing Diversity

    by Length: 24 minutes

    Guest Speaker DuShaun Goings, School Counselor

    Diversity & Inclusion at Avon High School

    Celebrating Black History Month & Other Cultures All Year

    Recognizing Similarities & Embracing Differences

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  • Graduation Pathways

    by Length: 18 minutes

    Guest Speaker Ben Carter, Indiana Department of Education

    Graduation Pathways versus ISTEP

    Benefits of New Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Pathways examples

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  • Grant Update & Socio-Emotional Learning

    by Length: 21 minutes

    Guest Speaker Krista Fay, Mental Wellness Coordinator for ACSC

    Grant Updates and Guidance Department Planning

    Socio-Emotional Learning Curriculum

    Mental Health Awareness as a Parent

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  • Mental Wellness Update

    by Length: 25 minutes

    Guest Speaker Brittany Cheviron, Mental Wellness Provider

    Brittany's role within the school

    Project Aware Grant

    Suicide Prevention and Resources

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  • Anxiety & Depression

    by Length: 28 minutes

    -Guest Speaker Kaley DePriest, Senior

    -Anxiety and depression from a student perspective

    -Overcoming mental health challenges

    -Being kind to peers


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  • VU & Dual Credit Expectations

    by Length: 29 minutes

    -Guest Speaker Aron Bright, Social Studies Teacher

    -How students can be successful in VU American History

    -Growing and developing study habits

    -Benefits of taking a dual credit course in high school

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  • What Do Your Teachers Think?

    by Length: 22 minutes

    -Guest Speaker Stephanie Chenoweth, Social Studies & District Teacher of the Year

    -How your teachers really feel about you

    -Teacher/student relationship building

    -Working with personalities that don't match your own

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  • News & Notes From Mr. Shockley

    by Length: 28 minutes

    -Guest Speaker Matt Shockley, Principal

    -Expectations and challenges for the upcoming year

    -Update on door 33

    -Advice for parents new to Avon High School

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  • Senior Year 101

    by Length: 25 minutes

    -Guest Speaker Mike Jaskoski

    -Summer Activities to Prepare for Senior year

    -Junior Scheduling Meeting Agendas

    -College Application Process & Blue Sheets

    -Scholarships and Grants

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  • Clubs & Activities

    by Length: 30 minutes

    -Guest Speaker Kellie Rodkey, Assistant Principal

    -Clubs and Activities

    -A Parent's Perspective on Marching Band

    -World Language Program

    -English Summer Reading

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  • Guidance Unscripted Introduction

    by Length: 32 Minutes

    -Guest Speaker Melinda Hatchett, Senior Counselor

    -Overview of Podcast Purpose

    -Role of School Counselors

    -Common 8th Grade Questions

    -Online Summer School & PE Waivers

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