Project AWARE: Change The Frequency
  • Avon Community School Corportation is entering the second year of the Project AWARE grant from SAMHSA.  Project AWARE stands for Advancing Wellness And Resiliency Education.  Thanks to this incredible opportunity, ACSC has launched a new service to students through the Avon Mental Wellness Team.  The Avon Mental Wellness Team is staffed with four social workers who are able to provide small group and/or one-on-one meetings with students to develop skills around mental wellness education and skill development.  

    If you think your child could benefit from additional mental wellness support, please reach out to your school counselor for more information!

    To learn more about Project AWARE, you can visit the Indiana Department of Education here or SAMHSA's Project AWARE information page here.

Avon Mental Wellness Team

  • Mission:

    • Empowering students to recognize and buildtheir mental wellness through small group, individual, and/or skill-based lessons.

    • Strengthening the school-family partnership through education, outreach, and connection with community resources

    • Building relationships and supporting school staff mental wellness through outreach, education, and conversation


    • Increase awareness, accessibility, and support to improve mental wellness as a school community