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    As part of our COVID-19 procedures we want to ensure our new families are aware of the following: 

    • If a household member has been tested for coronavirus and is awaiting test results, registration should not be done in person until a negative result is received.  If a household member tests positive please follow all quarantine guidelines from the Health Department before registering students in person or sending students to school.    
    • If you and/or your student has traveled internationally please follow all CDC guidelines for quarantine and testing before registering students in person or sending them to school.  Students with pending tests should be kept home until they receive a negative test result.    


  • Welcome to the Avon Community School Corporation (ACSC). We trust that your child will have many positive experiences as a student in our schools.

    Students who live in the Avon School District and are enrolling for the  first time  should complete the online registration portion and then provide any additional required documentation to their school's front office. High School students  must  make an appointment to enroll. The guidance office will contact you to schedule an appointment after online registration is submitted.

    Enrollment  is not final  until the completed forms and additional residency and custody paperwork (if applicable) are provided to the school's front office. Only a parent or legal guardian may enroll a student. A legal guardian must present proper documentation (custody given by a court or accredited agency). 

    When you are ready to begin, please click the Enrollment Instructions icon below.

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    The Family Liaison assists families, students, staff and community members

    by providing information, support, and a variety of other services.

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    El Enlace Familiar ayuda a las familias, estudiantes, personal, y miembros de la comunidad 

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