• E-Learning Activities for Wednesday, April 8th 

    Theme:  Bugs  *All activities for today will be found on this page only*


    Gross Motor: Bug Movement time with dice!  

    Below you will find each number assigned to a specific bug.  Have your child roll the dice and count the dots to see what they rolled.  Match that number to a paper copy (or this electronic copy) of the numbers that show which bug they will imitate.  

    1. Ant: You march around the room. You could sing the song the “Ant Go Marching” as well!

    2. Bee: You flap your arms as fast as you can and make a buzzing sound.

    3. Butterfly: You gently make your arms be the wings of the butterfly and flutter around the room.

    4. Grasshopper: You jump around the room. You can do standing jumps or jumps from the ground.

    5. Worm: You lay on the ground and wiggle and squirm your way around.

    6. Spider: You get up on your toes and tip toe around the room like you are on a spider’s web.

    Free Wiggly And Squirm With The Bug Gross Motor Dice - with 6 different movements and speed dice - 3Dinosaurs.com

    Fine Motor: Create your own butterfly using materials from around the house.  Be creative!  This could include paint, cotton balls, tissue paper, tissue, glue with beads, pipecleaners, etc..  

    Image result for fine motor bug activities  Image result for butterfly craft with supplies around the house

    Language: Listen to the book, Bugs Galore, read aloud online.  

    Bugs Galore

    Image result for Bugs galore book cover

    Sensory/Social Emotional: 


    Go on a bug walk with your child outside.  Have him or her feel the different areas where bugs/insects might be located:  the water in a puddle, in the dirt, in the grass, on a rock, etc.  Use words like soft, hard, bumpy, smooth, prickly, wet, dry, etc... when talking with your child about all the different areas.  


    Student Checklist:  (only one per week - if you don't have a printer, you could write it down to return in your child's folder)

    Student Checklist for the week