• E-Learning Activities for Monday, April 20th 

    Theme:  Farm  *All activities for today will be found on this page only*


    Gross Motor:   Imitate animals movements with your child.  Be sure to model how to do the movements for each one if your child is unsure.  Add in animal sounds as you do the movements. 

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    Fine Motor:   Trace a variety of lines using a light colored crayon or highlighter onto a paper.  Have the lights go horizontal across the page, zigzag, hopping in a rounded up and down motion, or vertical.  Once you create the lines, have your child use a dark crayon, pencil, colored pencil, or marker to trace your lines.  If they have difficulty staying on or close to the line, do hand over hand to help out! 

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    Sensory: Have your child get a few washable plastic farm animals dirty outside.  Get a small bucket of soapy water and have your child give their animals a bath.  Have him or her use a toothbrush, scrubby brush, washcloth, or sponge to get them all nice and clean again!  (If you don't have farm animals, any animals will do!) 

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    Social Emotional:   Go outside and draw with sidewalk chalk.  See if your child can draw any farm animals with you.  If you don't have chalk, you can use paint brushes and water.  

     Language:   Listen to the story, Hello Farm!  Listen to it one time through.  The second time, stop every now and again to do some language activities....have your child point to pictures in the book as you name them, point to pictures in the story and have your child tell you what it is, point to pictures in the story asking what the animal is doing so your child can answer, count the animals on the page using a 1-1 correspondance, point out colors, see if you can find shapes, etc... 

    Hello Farm!

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    Student Checklist:  (only one per week - if you don't have a printer, you could write it down to return in your child's folder)

    Student Checklist