• E-Learning Activities for Wednesday, April 22nd 

    Theme:  Farm  *All activities for today will be found on this page only*


    Gross Motor:   Watch this Cosmic Kids video (line below) and do some farm yoga poses with your child!  This is a great way to use those large muscles but also calm your child as well! 

    Cosmic Kids Farm Yoga

    Fine Motor:   Hide the animals!  Now that your animals are all nice and clean from their bath on Monday, it's time to get them a little dirty again!  Use a cupcake pan to place the animals in each "home".  Have your child cover them up with anything you have on hand....torn paper (have your child tear the paper!), cotton balls, rice, flour, play-doh, etc...  They can either use a spoon, serving spoon, measuring cup, measuring spoon, or ladel to scoop it up.  

    Image result for animal activities sensory

    Sensory:  You may not love this, but your child will!  Have your child dig around in the dirt like an animal would on the farm!  When he/she is all done, come inside and practice hand washing!  Wash alongside your child so they can imitate what you are doing.  Be sure to sing "Happy Birthday" two time during the hand washing time!  

    Social Emotional:  Play time!  Engage in some pretend farm play.  Model how to have the animals walk/run/gallop, make animal noises, or have the animals eat!  Many times children like to just line up their animals or have them crash into each other as they play.  Really encourage pretend play during this time!    

     Language:   Look at the different farm animals below with your child.  Practice saying the animals name.  Count all the animals using a 1-1 correspondence.  Talk about the colors of the animals.  See if your child knows if that animal is big or small.  Talk with your child about how many legs the animals have and if they fly or walk!  

     Image result for cow picture Image result for pig picture  Image result for sheep picture Image result for chicken picture


    Image result for goat picture Image result for rooster picture Image result for turkey picture Image result for horse picture


    Image result for donkey picture Image result for lamb picture

    Student Checklist:  (only one per week - if you don't have a printer, you could write it down to return in your child's folder)

    Student Checklist for the week