• E-Learning Activities for Monday, April 27th 

    Theme:  Ocean  *All activities for today will be found on this page only*


    Gross Motor:   Sing and dance to these fun ocean songs: 

    There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

    Baby Shark

    Animals in the Ocean

    5 Little Fish


    Fine Motor:   Draw the outline of a fish on a piece of paper and have your child decorate it/color it (examplese below).  Complete this activity along side with your child or turn it into a family project to have a school of fish when you are done!  Try to emphasize staying within the boundaries as your child colors by talking about using little lines to color.  Also, please correct their grasp if they try to color using a fisted grasp.  

    How to draw and color a Fish -for kids! - YouTube   Fish Coloring Page and Drawing Activity by Silly Billy Kids | TpT  Free Simple Fish Drawing For Kids, Download Free Clip Art, Free ...


    Sensory/Fine Motor: 

    Make fake sand!  

    Ingredients:  2.5 cups of sand and 1/2 cup of vegetable oil.  (You can double the recipe if you want to make more).  

    1. Put the flour in a bowl.

    2. Make a well in the middle.

    3. Pour the oil into the well.

    4. Mix the oil and flour together with a spoon or your hands.

    5. Transfer the fake sand into a sensory box, ready for play.


    Social Emotional:   If you have some beach toys or ocean animals laying around your house or garage, use those to play in the fake sand with your child.  If you don't have those, you can always use measuring cups and spoons!  Have fun building a sand castle, pushing the sand together with your hands, or scooping it into beach toys or measuring cups to mold it into a shape!  

     Language:   Watch this video to talk about the names of each some ocean animals:

    Sea Animals - Kids Vocabulary

    As the video continues, they will say each sea animal two times.  See if you can get your child to say the name of the sea animal the second time along with the video.  Feel free to pause the video to talk about the animals (does it have legs?, is it big or small?, does it walk or swim?, what color is it?, etc..)


    Student Checklist:  (only one per week - if you don't have a printer, you could write it down to return in your child's folder)

    Student Checklist