Transportation (May 6th)



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Transportation (May 6th)

E-Learning Activities for Wednesday, May 6th!  

Theme:  Transportation *All activities for today will be found on this page only*


Gross Motor:  Dance with your child to these fun transportation songs!  For some of them, make up your own dance moves together! 

The Wheels on the Bus

Transportation Song

Let's Be Planes

Transportation Songs

The Color Train Song  (not really a dance song, but a great song to review colors as it ties in trains!) 


 Fine Motor: Create a car parade!  You can use painters tape, masking tape, string taped to the floor, pieces of paper cut into creative!  Once the line is created on the floor, have your child find any transportation vehicles and line them up with that line.  

Car Parade Fine Motor Skills Activity - Busy Toddler

If your have scissors at home, practice cutting lines with your child to create this simple car wash.  (DO NOT leave your child unattended with scissors.)   See if your child can do it on their own, as you observe, or do a hand over hand motion to help your child stay on the line and moving in a forward direction, emphasizing to open and close each time.  

Transportation Activities for Fine Motor Skills - Preschool ...


Sensory:   Make a homemade car wash with your child and wash the cars together!  If you aren't feeling creative, just get out two bowls (one with warm soapy water and one with plain warm water and have him/her practice washing the car then rinsing it clean.  Go one step further and have him/her dry it off with a towel once it's clean.  

Make a cool car wash for toy cars - Kidspot  DIY Car Wash toy for kids made of cardboard - YouTube  6 Ways to Play with Toy Cars Toy Washing Station: A Quick & Easy Activity - Busy Toddler

Social Emotional:  Let your child take the lead to play with transportation vehicles such as cars or trains.  Engage in play together.  Practice turn taking, "my turn, your turn".  Have fun playing with your child!  

Language:   Listen to this read aloud online with your child: 

We All Go Traveling By

Paperback We All Go Traveling By Book


Student Checklist:  (only one per week - if you don't have a printer, you could write it down to return in your child's folder)

Student Checklist