• July 29, 2020


    A Letter Regarding Cleaning Product Information

    Dear ACSC Families,

    Some of you have asked about the product we are using to clean surfaces in our classrooms. Our team thoroughly investigated the best approach to enhance our cleaning protocols. As we shared in our first School Reopening Plan in June, we were advised that our cleaning protocol needed to consist of cleaning throughout the day followed by more intense disinfecting each night.

    We are working diligently to ensure the safest products are being utilized for our students, staff, and facilities. It is paramount to us that we do not put anyone in harm’s way with unnecessary exposure to potentially harmful chemicals throughout the school day. Our approach is a two-pronged program: cleaning during the day and disinfecting at night.  We plan to do this with the following:

    Cleaning throughout the Day with Sani-Tyze

    Cleaning as defined by the CDC refers to the removal of dirt and impurities, including germs from surfaces. Cleaning alone does not kill the germs, but by removing the germs, it decreases the number and therefore any risk of spreading infection. The product we will be using in classrooms and on buses throughout the day is called Sani-Tyze which cleans surfaces and removes germs on surfaces. Viruses must attach themselves to a protein soil to survive and we have learned that when we use cleaning detergents like Sani-Tyze, we are able to remove protein soils from the surfaces, thus preventing the spread of viruses. 

    Our goal with Sani-Tyze is to keep surfaces as clean as possible throughout the day until our custodial team can disinfect these areas after students and staff are away from the buildings. This is a similar product to what is used in restaurants to clean and sanitize tables. The Department of Health indicated that the product used for the purpose of cleaning throughout the day was a helpful addition to our protocols and not required to be on the EPA-approved list. 

    Disinfecting at Night with BNC-15

    Disinfecting as defined by the CDC is the process of killing germs and is completed by using chemicals, for example, EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. It is important to note that disinfecting is a process and not a product. However, having the correct product is part of the equation to effectively disinfect surfaces. Our custodians are using a more intense cleaning/disinfecting process each evening with a disinfectant called BNC-15. It is an EPA Registered Disinfectant approved for use on SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the disease COVID-19) from the EPA’s List N. All disinfectants require strict adherence to label directions and should not be used when students are present as certain barriers of protection are required (Personal Protective Equipment). As required by our local Department of Health, BNC-15 is on the EPA-approved list (Registration # 6836-348 - under product name Lonzagard RCS-128 PLUS the raw material used to make BNC-15). ACSC custodians participated in training on proper disinfection protocols associated with BNC-15. 

    There are warnings on both products being used. These are industrial/institutional products that require certain verbiage on their labels. These safety measures are similar across cleaning products in this industry. We have worked with local health experts and industry specialists to ensure a safe learning environment. Steven Comfort, the Regional Manager from Spartan Chemical with whom we have worked, can also be reached to help answer any additional questions. His email is scomfort@spartanchemical.com


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