• Graduation Pathways Requirements:

    1. Enough credits to qualify for Core 40, Academic Honors, or Technical Honors diploma

    2. Learn and demonstrate employability skills

    Project-Based Learning

    • English 12 class; Semester 1
    • PLTW Digital Electronics
    • PLTW Biomedical Innovations
    • PLTW Medical Interventions
    • Robotics and Innovation

    Service-Based Learning

    • Peer Tutoring
    • JROTC
    • Clubs (i.e. DECA, Interact, Peer Pals) active member (Sponsor verification)
    • Athletics: Full season (Coach or Athletic Department verification)
    • Marching Band, Color Guard, Show Choir (Teacher verification)

    Work-Based Learning


    • JAG
    • Work Based Learning Internship
    • Cadet Teaching
    • Early Childhood Internship
    • Career Exploration Internship

    AT AREA 31

     3. Meet Post-Secondary Competencies Requirement

     Select ONE Competency that has been met:

    • AHD or THD
    • C Average for 3 AP/Dual Credit Classes
    • ACT: 18 English or 22 Reading AND 22 Math or 23 Science
    • SAT: 480 EBRW, 530 Math
    • ASVAB: 31 on AFQT
    • State/Industry Certificate
    • C Average for 2 non-duplicative advanced courses in a Career Concentrator.


    Career Concentrators are met with certain Career/Technical Education (CTE) courses. The chart on below highlights CTE concentrators offered at Avon High School. Students must complete both Concentrator A and Concentrator B in the pathway with at least a C average in order to meet the Career Concentrator criteria. The course descriptions are found in the respective department sections of the Program of Studies. Courses with an asterisk will be offered in 2022-23. CTE programs can be explored in the Indiana CTE Career Guide.

     AHS CC Table

    Career Concentrator CTE courses are also available through Area 31 Career Center as shown below for interested junior and senior students.  A student enrolling in these programs is strongly encouraged to complete the entire two years of the program.  The majority of the programs at Area 31 Career Center are two-year programs.  Students may earn two or three credits per course based on the career center’s semester.  Many of the programs at Area 31 Career Center also offer dual college credit with colleges such as Ivy Tech and Vincennes University.  Students enrolled in this program spend half of their school day at the Ben Davis High School Area 31 Career Center (or another designated site) and half of their day at Avon High School.  Course descriptions of the various career programs offered at the Area 31 Career Center can be found in this Program of Studies on p. 19. The following chart contains the Career Concentrators available through Area 31:

     table 2


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