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    AMSN 7th Grade Boys Basketball

    Cory Falk - cafalk@avon-schools.org

    Barrett Hartley - bshartley@avon-schools.org 



    Open Gym will be Monday October 26 after school until 5pm. Tryouts will begin Tuesday October 27 and go through Thursday October 29. Tryouts will run after school until 5pm each day. In order to come to open gym and/or tryouts, you must have a current physical uploaded into PRIVIT. GRADES will also be taken into consideration, so please make sure you have no F's! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or message me on Parent Square.


    Welcome to 2020-2021 AMS-North 7th Grade Boys Basketball Team website. I, Coach Falk, am the head coach for the 7th grade basketball team and Coach Hartley will be joining me as the assistant coach this season. We are very excited for the season ahead of us. It is my expectations that all players who are on the team will be ready to learn, work hard, and be disciplined basketball players.

    Please check back to this site often, as I will continuously update information, schedules, etc. throughout the season. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    Requirements for Athletic Participation  


    ACSC is moving to a completely paperless clearance process.  The new process includes a paperless IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical. A parent/guardian and student-athlete will be required to create an account and manage the necessary documents using the Privit Portal. This process will provide a higher level of security and efficiency than the previous process.  This process will be for everyone including those coming to ACSC Physical Night and those students who are going another place to get a sports physical. Detailed instructions to complete the new process can be found by visiting the following link:  ACSC 2017-2018 Physical Information


    Important PRIVIT information and instructions

    Physical Form - take this page to your doctor and then upload completed form to your PRIVIT account (we DO NOT take any paper forms in the Athletic Office)

    Please note: you need to select a team when you create your PRIVIT account. You can select all teams that your student is interested in joining.


    Parent/Athlete Expectations 2020-2021

    Fees: The fees are still to be determined 

    Checks can be made to AMSN. If you need to pay over a couple of payments, please contact the coach and work that out. Failure to pay the fee can result in not being allowed to play.

    Athlete Expectations: Work Hard and Be Coachable

    Grades: Athletes must maintain passing grades in all subject areas at all times. We will be doing grade checks every 4.5 weeks to monitor this. Failure to keep passing grades will result in a probationary suspension for 3 weeks from all contests or a possible removal from the team if the coach sees fit. If on probation, the athlete will have 3 weeks to get his or her grades to passing. If the athlete does not, a removal from the team by the athletic department will occur.

    Behavior: Athletes shall be leaders in the school. Behavior in the classroom, on the field and in the locker room will show great sportsmanship. Disciplinary issues that arise at school can affect participation in athletics. The coach will handle disciplinary actions on the team.

    Attendance: Students must be here for at least half the day to participate in events after school. We set the time as arriving to school by 11am. If an athlete goes home from school ill, he or she may not return after school. Athletes that do not participate in PE during the day can be held out of events after school. This does not apply to students not taking PE.

    Parent Expectations:

    Be Positive and Use the 24 HR Rule (Give Yourself and the Coach 24hrs for questions after games)

    At no time should a parent be on the playing field/court for practices or games. This includes before and after games.

    Game Expectations: Support your player, our team and our coaching staff in a positive manner. Officials are doing the best job that they can and may not see everything, frustration with that cannot lead to setting a bad example for our kids. We expect our athletes to learn how to deal with adversity the right way, through hard work and letting actions speak.

    Pick-Up Expectations: Our coaching staff all have family to get home to after practices and games. Please be respectful by making certain your athlete has a ride no later than 15mins after a practice, game or bus return trip. If that is an issue, please arrange with other parents on the team to have your athlete taken home.

    Parking Expectations for Practice: Park in the north parking lot and not along any curb.

    Expectations for Issues:
    1. Student athlete communicates with the coach about the concern.
    2. Parent communicates with the coach about the concern. 
    3. If the above steps do not produce a remedy, then contacting the AD is appropriate. 

    Scoreboard, Bookkeepers, Filming

    Throughout the season, we may need the help of individuals willing to keep the book, work the scoreboard, or film games. Anyone interested in any of the above, should contact Coach Falk. If possible, a day’s notice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!