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  • English Language and Composition, Advanced

    Placement (1742



    Core 40 and AHD course

    Two semesters—1 credit per semester

    Prerequisite: English 10 Honors and some tangible

    proof of exceptional English skills. This might include

    previous verbal GT identification; outstanding ISTEP,

    PSAT or PLAN scores, recommendation of previous

    English teacher.

    Grade: 11

    Students who enroll in the course are expected to

    take the AP Language and Composition Examination

    at the end of their junior year. The cost of the exam

    (approximately $80) will be assessed in the spring, at

    the time of the registration for the test. Students

    who score high enough on the examination will be

    able to receive college credit for this work.

    AP Language will take the place of the integrated

    English 11 course in the junior year or may replace

    the other options available to seniors. AP is a


    level course; therefore, the pace of the

    course is more intensive than other junior level

    courses. The assignments provide preparation for


    the mastery of skills required to pass the AP

    Composition and Language exam in May.

    This course is based on the content established by

    the College Board. Students enrolled in this course

    become skilled readers of prose written in a variety

    of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts. They

    become skilled writers who write in a variety of

    forms – narrative, exploratory, expository, and

    argumentative – and on a variety of subjects.

    Students will be expected to purchase the books for

    this class rather than rent them so they can annotate