• Physics I aids students in synthesizing the fundamental concepts and principles concerning matter and energy through the laboratory study of mechanics, wave motion, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics. Primary emphasis is placed on mechanics and waves and on their physical principles by developing descriptive analysis and problem solving skills. Students will also have opportunities to: 1) acquire an awareness of the history of physics and its role in the birth of technology, 2) explore the uses of its models, theories, and laws in various careers, and 3) cope with physics questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues.

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  • Everything you could ever want to know about the Final:
    1.  Go to http://www.rohrbachscience.com/spring-final-2015/ for a copy of the review guide (with answers) as well as a copy of the equation sheet and a schedule for Finals Week.

    2. You are turning in 3 HW assignments on the day you take the Final.  They are:
      1. The review guide at least 1/2 done (do half of the concept questions and half of the problems)
      2. All 6 of the in-class problems set up and at least half of them solved (see the documents section if you need the problems)
      3. The definitions of at least 4 of the terms from the flash-card activity for each category (see the documents section if you need a list of the terms)

    3. Don't forget to do the Bonus for the Review (see the directions on the review).  IT WILL HELP A LOT!!!!!

    4. Useful info:
      1. In general, you need to get the same grade on the Final Exam that you currently have in the class in order to keep that grade.  EXCEPTION: If you get the 10% curve on the final from doing all the review stuff, you can get one letter grade lower on the final and still maintain the same grade(ish)
      2. In general, it's best to answer the easy questions first, that way you know exactly how long you have to do the harder questions (i.e. problems), and will not run out of time and have to rush or guess at the end
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  • twitter: @AvonMrB
    phone: (317) 544-5123 x5174
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