• Flowers Accounting I - learn the basics of accounting and set yourself apart from the rest...
    Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, this course is a starting point for you. Once you learn the basics of accounting, you can apply them to your personal accounts, your career, or your personal business. Use accounting skills to help you make well-informed financial decisions in your personal and business life.
    Most college business degrees require a starter course in accounting, so you could get your basic skills while in high school and have a higher success rate at the collegiate level. The business field is wide open---come join us and find out where you might fit. You might want to be in some type of management, marketing, or sales.  You might think about becoming an auditor, a financial analyst, or a certified public accountant.

    Also, consider joining Business Professionals of America. BPA will give you the opportunity to join others who are interested in business and start the networking process. It will help you build your resume and put a solid foundation on your business skills.

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