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    High school students taking this course are offered keyboard classes, including piano and electronic keyboard in order to develop music proficiency and musicianship.  The Beginning course focuses on music readings and rudiments of the piano where the Intermediate and Advanced courses focus on skill training and preparation for collegiate level proficiency exams.

    Instruction is designed so that students are enabled to connect, examine, imagine, define, try, extend, refine, and integrate music study in other subject areas on a beginning level.  Students: (1) perform with proper posture, hand position, fingering, rhythm, and articulation; (2) compose and improvise melodic and harmonic material; (3) create an perform simple accompaniments; (4) listen to, analyze, sight-read, and study the literature performed; (5) study the elements of music as exemplified in a variety of styles; and (6) make interpretive decisions.

  • As course requirements progress, it's only natural that students improve at different rates.  In many cases, grades at the beginning of the course are unusually high, and start falling later in the semester.  As performance songs get harder, grades might fall a little.  This probably reflects a more accurate total assessment.  Dig in, and finish strong!
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