• What is Technology Education?
    Over the past few years, I have came to the conclusion that my students tend to believe Technology Education is wood shop class. While we do build projects out of wood, we do many other exciting projects as well and learn about many different topics! A lot of what I teach and what we do as a class is problem solving, especially solving technological problems. My course's intentions are to give students a a basic concept of the broad area of technolgy, including both practical and classroom experiences. During this course, students will have the opportunity to learn about and operate many different tools and machines. Topics that students will learn about and/or be involved in include the following:
    - General Technology (what it is and how it is used)
    - Design
    - Construction
    - Manufacturing
    - Communication
    - Transportation
    - Gaining skills/confidence when using tools through the numerous different projects we will be completing
    Please keep in mind that my 8th grade students who I previously had as 7th graders, will be working on much more advanced projects. The 7th grade curriculum touches on all these topics, but will not be quite as in depth as the 8th grade curriculum due to time constraints.  
    To many, especially my 7th graders, this can often be overwhelming and a bit nerve racking in the beginning. I want to reassure you though that I repeatedly stress the importance of safety and how to use all tools and machines safely. Demonstrations are given on all machines and tools and supervision is provided at all times. My number one goal is for your child to be safe, while learning and having fun. I can promise that by the end of the quarter or semester, students leave my class always wanting more. If you have any questions or concerns about what we are doing in my classroom, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will make sure to get back with you. Please see announcements to keep track of what your child is doing in the classroom. I will post updates according to what each class is doing. All 7th grade classes will be completing the same topic together, as well as the 8th grade classes.   
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