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  • Welcome to Japanese 1! In this class you will learn how to introduce yourself and greet people,greet how to talk about likes and dislikeslike and the things you do, will do, or did in the past.do You will tell time,time learn numbers into the tens of thousands, 99999  talk about the weatherweather and where things are located.located   You will learn how to order in a restaurant.restaurant   You will ask questionsquestion and describe things and people with adjectives.  describe

    You will also learn how to read and write Japanese phonetic characters あ い う え オ カ キ  

    (called hiragana and katakana) and 17 non-phonetic characters called kanji. 車 魚 月 週 茶 馬 

    During the course of the year we may see a Japanese film,film sing a Japanese song,sing make an origami figure,origami and sample some Japanese food.food