• We are having a wonderful time in music at River Birch!  Students at River Birch love to listen, sing, move and create original music. 
    Here is what we're currently doing in music class:
    Kindergarten is learning about the families of instruments and are singing the song, "Air Orchestra" to help reinforce how different families of instruments are played.  We also having a great time in k music playing drums and rhythm sticks.
    1st grade is singing "Hole in the Bucket" and students are listening the "The Flight of the Bumblebee".
    2nd grade is working on a folk dance called "The Chimes of Dunkirk".
    3rd grade is singing "Can't Stop This Feeling" and are adding dance moves.
    4th grade is busy playing their recorders and testing for Recorder Karate belts.  We're also learning a new song called "Quaver's Irish Jig".
  • SPRING PROGRAM - March 3 at 6:00

    Classes of Hoard, Eslick, Bond, Hession, Moore, Petts, Grueneberg, and Williams


    SPRING PROGRAM - March 5 at 6:00

    Classes of DeHart, Miner, Guernsey, Ashby, Pappas, Stowers, Shrewsbury, and Backs


    SPRING PROGRAM - May 5 at 6:00

    Classes of Toney, Scheele, Levi, Kennard, Harmon, Thompson


    SPRING PROGRAM - May 7 at 6:00

    Classes of Kondas, Burton, Johnson, Dolk, and Alexander


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