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  • The safety, health, and well-bring of Avon community students, staff, volunteers, and visitors is a top priority.  The purpose of this webpage is to provide Avon parents, students, volunteers, and visitors with information on district safety programs and links to helpful resources.  These links are suggested as additional information and resources that may be helpful to our parents and should not be considered an endorsement of any organization, service, or program.  

    Topics on this page:

    Safety Procedures

    School Resource Officers

    Fire and Weather Drills

    Visitor Guidelines

    Bullying Reporting

    Background Checks

    Other Helpful Resources


    Safety Procedures

    ALICE is our platform for school safety. Below is an explanation of ALICE.    Please note these are not sequential steps; we know that we need to critically think in an emergency and take the best step we can to protect our students.


    Alert              Get the word out! Use your classroom phone to call an Intruder Alert Lockdown. Use PLAIN language to convey the type and exact location of the situation.

    Lockdown     Good starting point. We will make lockdown more secure by learning how to barricade/tie down classroom doors whether they open inward into the room or outward into the hall.

    Inform            Continue to communicate via the all call system. It can keep an intruder off balance and allows for good decision making by other staff members.

    Counter         Apply skills the staff has learned to distract, confuse and gain control. 

    Evacuate        Reduce the number of potential targets by evacuating students in a controlled manner to pre-established rally points. Rally point practice drills will be held.

     The district wants to ensure that students and staff are safe and secure at all times.  Certain district-wide steps have been taken to meet these needs.

    • Code of Conduct—each school in the district has this document which outlines the guidelines, infractions, and consequences that govern students while they are under the supervision of the district.  These documents are available on each school’s webpage.
    • Visitors are required to sign in at all campuses with a valid government issued ID.
    • Visitor Badges are issued to parents and guests.
    • All outside entrances, other than ones with door supervisors, are secure at all times.  Crash bars allow students to exit from the building, but entrance from outside is limited.
    • School Resource Officers, who are police officers with the Avon Police Department, work in various buildings throughout each day.
    • All staff members wear identification badges or their school ID.
    • Emergency radio systems are installed on each campus.

    School Resource Officers

    The district employs School Resource Officers.  The officers are off duty members of the Avon Police Department and are stationed at the Avon High School, but also make daily visits to the K-8 campuses.  SROs are available to assist campus administrators with legal issues that deal with the penal code.  All officers are highly visible in the school to help with any situation that may arise.  In addition, officers are assigned to extracurricular duty by campus administration as needed. 



    Fire, Weather, and Man-Made Drills

    Once a semester, Avon Community Schools conducts a man-made occurrence drill (typicaly a lock down drill.)  We also conduct tornado drills each semester.  In any month that we do not have a man-made or tornado drill, we have a fire drill.  Fire drills occur at least every other month.


    Visitor Guidelines 

    As part of the district’s commitment to community partnerships and the safety and security of our schools, the following district-wide Campus Visitor Guidelines have been adopted:

    • All visitors must report to the school office, sign in, provide a photo ID, state their reason for being on campus, and obtain approval from the campus principal or his/her designee.


    Bully Reporting

    Our district has an anti-bullying web-page.  On this page there is a form that can be submitted anonymously to report bullying.


    Background Checks

    Avon Community School Corporation conducts criminal background checks on all employees, vendors, or contracted service providers.  The district also conducts background checks on all volunteers.  We ask all volunteers to Avon Schools to comply with visitor check-in procedures.  We follow these rules and regulations to help ensure the safety of all students. 


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  • The Avon Community School Board and Administration are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. Recent tragic events, right here in Indiana, have certainly reinforced the need to revisit and recommit to our already strong security protocols. Administrators, school safety specialists, and local law enforcement have worked diligently through the summer to review current plans and to implement new tools and changes that will be in place the first day of school. Some of these changes will be shared publicly while others will be kept confidential (as allowed by law) to protect the integrity of our plans.

    A special School Board meeting and School Safety Community Forum was held Monday, July 30, 2018. During this presentation, interested patrons heard from school leaders, Avon Police Chief Sean Stoops, Avon-Washington Township Fire Department Chief Dan Smith and others. After the presentation, attendees were invited to break into smaller groups (facilitated by ACSC administrators) to discuss this very important topic and to provide input. 

    The Slide Deck from the presentation may be accessed here.

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