• We would like to welcome you to the Cedar web page. We hope you find this resource useful as you partner with our classroom teachers in making the 2017-2018 school year a success. Please check back often to see updates and new information.

    If you are looking to be involved in our school, there are many opportunities to utilize your talents. You can volunteer in the office, library, classroom, or even become a part of our PTO. If interested please feel free to contact the office and we will direct you to the correct contact people.
    ACSC is accepting applications for Guest Teachers (Substitutes) for the 2017-2018 academic year. Applicants must have a minimum of twenty (20) credits from an accredited college/university OR related experience in an educational setting with a high school diploma. Highly motivated individuals are encourages to apply via the Applitrack application system located on the Avon Community School Corporation Human resource home page. Salary benefits:$75 for a whole day and $40 for a half day.

    Our communication with you regarding your child’s progress is of primary importance to our staff at Cedar Elementary. As a school leader, I encourage both staff and parents to have fluid communications that are authentic and occur in a reasonable timeframe. As we approach our Back to School Nights, please be prepared to provide teachers with your preferred means of communication. Whether it be email, texts, phone calls, or notes home, we want you to feel engaged in the education process.

    Speaking of communication, there was a lot of it as we transitioned to our new math program Bridges last year. We will continue our work with this text and improve on the way we communicate progress to parents. Below you will find a letter that will be in first day folders sharing our plan of attack for the year. As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact teachers as we grow together in this process. 


    Dear Families,

    It is with gratitude and excitement that we begin our second year with Bridges in Mathematics.  Our gratitude comes from your patient support throughout our first year of implementation as we were on a learning journey together, students, families, teachers and leaders.  Our excitement stems from the growth our students demonstrated as mathematical thinkers and problem solvers!  Bridges in Mathematics builds conceptual understanding through a model of mastery over time.  Students are not expected to master a skill in just one unit, rather, skills and concepts are developed and practiced through many different models, strategies, games, and problem solving experiences, often over the course of several units.

    Last spring, we gathered feedback from teachers, families, and our school leaders to inform our progress with implementation, grading, and reporting.  Thank you to all who participated in these feedback opportunities! The results have provided a very clear direction as we move forward with Bridges in Mathematics.  This school year, you can expect to receive more communication about your child’s progress in mathematics in the format of three different reports.

    Unit Reports will provide details of your child’s progress for each specific Bridges Unit, with skills expected to mastery noted. You can expect to receive a Unit Report at the end of each unit, about one per month.

    Quarterly Reports will provide details of your child’s progress over the skills and concepts developed and mastered during each quarter of the school year.  This report gives an overview of your child’s overall proficiency in mathematics, including skills expected to mastery during this quarter.  You can expect to receive a Quarterly Report with your child’s report card and in lieu of a letter grade on the report card.

    Number Corner Checkup Report will provide details of your child’s progress with the skills focus from Number Corner, one of our student’s favorite parts of math class! This report gives an overview of the skills practiced and developed during Number Corner workouts over several months.  You can expect to receive a Number Corner Checkup Report four times a year, around report card time.

    It is our goal to develop capable and confident math students and we do so in partnership with you, our families.  As you have questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher and visit the Math Learning Center Bridges Family Support website at https://www.mathlearningcenter.org/families. Thank you for your continued support and partnership



    We appreciate all you do to make the Cedar School community a success and look forward to a wonderful 2018!

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