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    Why do we require this class? We want YOU to be prepared for your future. We want YOU to self-analyze to find out your personality. We want YOU to explore different types of careers based on your personality and lifestyle. We want YOU to explore different colleges to see which one might offer the post-secondary education that will benefit YOU.

    We work with the Guidance Department to create a 4-year plan for YOU. We explore the employment process and how YOU can effectively use your skills to go further in life. Our expectation is that you use your class time to learn as much as YOU can and to complete your work and meet deadlines. We will learn Windows 7, Office 365, etc. to help you become organized. We will use MS Office products to help you learn how to format letters, tables, reports, spreadsheets for assignments you will use in your other classes.

    Lastly, we encourage you to get involved in a club or activity to help YOU enjoy school. The business department offers Business Professionals of America and DECA if you would be interested in business. However, there are many activities for YOU to FIND YOUR PLACE at Avon High School and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in YOUR LIFE!

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