• scary chef Welcome to Advance Nutrition and Wellness 2, or as I say the top of the food chain here at Avon High School. This class is a sequential course that builds on concepts from Nutrtion and Wellness, Advanced Nutrition and Wellness 1. The course addresses more complex concepts and culinary skills. Topics include quick breads, yeast breads, egg cookery, how to use a roux, cutting up and preparing a whole chicken, entertaining, identfying and preparing various types of rice, properly perparing different types of pasta, preparing soups and salads, creating sandwiches. We also will look at regional, and/or cultural foods. Higher order thinking, communication, leadership and mangement processes will be integrated in classroom and laboratory activities.
    Holiday Dinner
    *One credit per semester         
    * Grades 11 and up
    **Prerequisites- Must pass Nutrition & Wellness and
    Advanced Nutrition and Wellness 1