• Introduction toTransportation is an introductory course in the transportation field.  Students will learn about energy, power, and how they are applied in the transportation sector or our society.  There will be many hands on projects to reinforce the concepts taught in class and in the book.  This is a rather fast pace course so missing days can be hard to make up in lab work.

  • Homework guidelines

    All homework and classwork is to be turned in when due with late work being docked up to 50% of score.  Students need to make arrangements AHEAD of time if they know they are going to have an excused absence get full credit.  Any EXCUSED absence will not result in a deduction of grade points.  Please check the student handbook for school policy on absences and grades credit.

    I have begun to allow students to redo poorly done work or work that received a low grade by redoing the work and showing all math, work, etc. for 1/2 credit.  However, work MUST have been turned in to get this credit.

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  • Grading Codes used with PowerSchool grades:

    A blank score means that the assignment has not been collected or graded.

    "ABS" as a score means a student was absent when the assignment was due and a zero grade has been assigned.

    "M” as a score for an assignment means that it was never turned in (missing) and counts as a zero grade.

    "Col" as an assignment score means that it was collected/turned in but has not been graded yet and does not affect the overall grade at all.

    "L" as a score means that the assignment was turned in too late for full credit to be given.

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