• NEW!How to combine sentences with free modifiers AND get rid of “Be” verbs

    New! Podcasting Directions & How To handout
    1. Of course the most important thing first! The 4 Ways to combine 2 sentences (or 5 Ways to Separate!):

    http://screencast.com/t/XOVopSXAk5pF       Corresponding handout available here..
    2. Step-by-Step Directions for creating your Senior Portfolio (e-folio)
    Portfolio Directions (Ends right when I'm saying "Happy Writing!")
    3. How to Make Hyperlinks in a Word Document
    http://screencast.com/t/Ejme9ynG    Corresponding handout available here.
    4. Voicethread Instructions
    How to Make a Voicethread             Corresponding handout available here.
     5. Revision
    Star Revision Jing        Corresponding handout available here.
    6. Keyboard Shortcuts (I'm always looking for more! Please email me your favorite shortcuts)
    My Favorite Key Commands            Corresponding handout available here.

    7. How to add a signature in Outlook
    Outlook Directions

    8. How to Create an Annotated Bibliography     
    Annotated Bibliography Podcast  (What to include in your annotation? Why you chose the article...how it helped with your research (data? evidence? narrative examples? strong opinions?), the target audience, your proof that the article was written by a reliable author and published by a reliable source, the timliness of your article.)       Click here for an example.

    10. Free Modifiers Podcasts
    #3 Interrupters
    (This podcast was made by an English teacher named Jean; I want you to hear someone else's voice and perspective.)
    #6 Absolutes (need to make a new podcast)
    11. Class readings

    12. How to combine sentences

    Howto combine sentences with free modifiers AND get rid of “Be” verbs?

    This quote is from the book A Million Little Pieces. I’vealways been very fond of this quote for many reasons. Oneof those many reasons is because it makes you think, it makes you really think.

    This quote, from the book A Million LittlePieces, inspires me; it makes me think.

    Because this quotefrom A Million Little Pieces makes me think, it inspires me.