• Although I no longer teach this course, I left the materials

    on the website in the event they may be useful resources
    for other teacher or students. 

                        ACE College Algebra II

    College Algebra II ACE is a course that extends the content of Algebra I and provides further development of the concept of a function. The expanded topics of the course include:  (1) relations, functions, equations and inequalities; (2) conic sections; (3) polynomials and polynomial functions; (4) algebraic fractions; (5) logarithmic and exponential functions; (6) sequences and series; and (7) counting principles and probability.   The class is designed to provide enrichment and stimulation to the students enrolled. 

    • Recommended Grade Level: Grades 9 or 10
    • Recommended Prerequisite: ACE Algebra I or Honors Algebra I and
       acceptance into the ACE Program.
    • Credits: A two credit course
    • Fulfills the Algebra II/Integrated Mathematics III requirement for the
       Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical
       Honors diplomas and counts as a Mathematics Course for the
       General Diploma
    Students who successfully complete ACE College Alegra II are encouraged to pursue ACE AP Calculus AB (Calculus 1) during their junior year and ACE AP Calculus BC (Calculus 2) during thier senior year.


    College Algebra
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