• Avon Community School Corporation

    Food Service Department
    Avon Lunch Room


     Forms of Payment

    There are three forms of payment accepted, credit cards, cash and check. Students paying with cash or check should use an envelope with student name and ID to ensure the money is deposited into the correct account. Checks should be made payable to "(School Name) Cafeteria" and should include student name and ID in the memo line. If using one check for multiple accounts within the same building, please label with specific instructions. 

    New for 2018/2019 families may register with the Titan Family Portal to monitor lunch accounts and complete free and reduced applications. To create a new account,  visit https://family.titank12.com/MVZ4W5. Please note that if you used MySchoolBucks.com, you will need to create a new account with the Titan Family Portal. For new accounts, make sure to have your student ID available when signing up for access and be aware that there is a service fee of $2.60 per transaction. Once an account is established, meal and purchase history can be viewed and account controls can be set to send reminders of low balances and automatically add funds. 

    **Step by step instructions for access the family portal can be found here.


    If a check is returned NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), ACSC Food Service Department will assess a $25 fee per check. Upon notification from the bank, the student's lunch account in question will be debited for the full amount of the check as well as the $25 fee and parents will be expected  to repay any debt within 10 days. Pursuant to Indiana law, failure to comply may result in criminal prosecution. After the NSF checks are received from a family, alternative payment may be necessary. 


    Account Balance Information

    Account balance information may be accessed by using https://family.titank12.com/MVZ4W5 or by contacting your student's cafeteria manager directly. Students will notified of low balances at the point of sale and letters will be sent home at the elementary and intermediate level. At the end of each school year, funds remaining the account will be applied to the upcoming year. Refunds will only be available to students graduating or leaving the district. Accounts with a balance of $10 or more will be automatically refunded to the parent. For balances less than $10, a written request should be submitted within 60 days of the date in which the student left the district. Throughout the year, textbook over payment or reversed library charges of $20 or less will automatically be applied to student lunch accounts. 


    Charging Procedure

    ACSC has a limited charging policy in the event that students do not have any lunch money. Account balances are available daily in the cafeteria and parents can utilize the Titan Family Portal to monitor balances. The site also allows you to set up alerts for low balances free of charge. The primary method for notifying parents of low and negative balances is email. Although, paper notices may be sent home on occasion as well. Students will also be informed when they purchase their meal.

    All students can charge the following:

    Two (2) Lunch Trays

    Two (2) Breakfast Trays 

    After this limit has been reached, students will receive an alternative, complimentary meal of a peanut butter sandwich (or cheese with a documented allergy), fruit, vegetable and milk. ACSC reserves the right to limit the number of complimentary meals provided depending on the situation.

    A la carte charging will not be permitted.

    Collection of Funds

    ACSC expects parents to be responsible for monitoring student accounts and maintaining a positive cash balance. Discrepancies in purchases to you/your child's account must be noted within 30 days of the date of the transaction. Parents are encouraged to apply for meal assistance at any point in the school year if needed. ACSC will attempt to collect all money owed. In the event money cannot be collected, a third-party collection agency may be used.