• We will start presenting the second semester projects on Monday, May 11th. I would like you to share the files (powerpoint, paper, etc.) with me according to these Instructions.  The rubric for this presentation is here. Learn a lot and have some fun with this assignment, too!
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  • The new usernames for the online book are:
    hphys2 (or 3, or 5, or 7)
    The password is almost the same, but the year is 2013. I cannot list the password here but I will have this information on the board in the classroom.
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  • Welcome students to a wonderful start! I predict that we will have an interesting time in Physics this year, we will learn a lot, and we will have fun. Please keep organized with the excel file we discussed about in class. Do the problems assigned each day on time. Read first chapter and take a page of notes over it.
    All homework and notes will be due just before the test over the chapter we cover. Some of the labs (the ones without writeup) will also be part of the homework. The feedback (one paragraph about your current experience in Physics, and one paragraph about your reading in the current chapter) needs to be attached to the homework set.
    Have fun!
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